DSG Shifter Conversion

Gear Shifter Upgrade for Mark 5 Jetta : Nov 2013

Upgraded a Jetta Mark 5 with the E35 shifter belonging to Kenneth. He wanted an upgrade for his tired Jetta and a nice E35 shifter to move him away from his Jumbo Jet 747 landing gear shifter was the perfect item. Got the modification done in about 30 mins at his office basement carpark in Biopolis

His original Jumbo 747 Landing Gear Shifter 

After the conversion......the perfect E35 GTI Shifter

Another View ! 

UPDATE : Oct 2013
My Passat B6 conversion from B747 Jumbo Landing Gear shifter to GTI knob shifter Mk5 .  Transferred the knob and boot from the Mk5 GTI shifter using the original B6 boot trim and base plate ! Now shifting the Passat DSG seems like I am in the GTI minus the Power though. 

Original  B747 Lander Gear Shifter 

Conversion to Mk5 GTI Shifter ( Donated by Puran Raj )

UPDATE : 1 April 2012

Converted a 2012 Golf Cabriolet with GTI R steering and E35 Golf Ball Shifter....a happy customer of a very chio Cabriolet ! 
Before...original shifter and basic leather steering wheel 

After... E35 Golf Ball Steering Shifter and GTI R Steering Wheel 

E35 GTI Shifter GOLF BALL Design

UPDATE : 31 Jan 2012

Converted 2009 EOS to the Scirocco DSG shifter ! A happy customer ! Also did the Scirocco Sport Steering as well ! 

Converting the side shifting "Jumbo 747" aeroplane landing gear shifter to the more exciting GTI shifter......using the latest Scirocco R Shifters.  

The difference between the two shifters ( side and front ) is the plastic lifting shaft having the slot located on the side or the front.  In order to change to the front shifter, it is necessary to convert the side shifter to the front shifter.

The 747 Landing Gear Shifter from Jetta 5 removed !

The naked shaft with the shifter removed.  

Thermal Bending Tool Applied 

After 10 minutes....the shaft is converted .....

The converted front shifter shaft....

Fit the Front Shifter DSG Assembly from Scirocco R  Grey Line
A perfect updated look and feel.... the front shifting DSG from Scirocco R