Tire Pressure Monitoring

TPMS High on Tiguan 1.4 Blue Motion : 22 Nov 2014

Installed the TPMS High on a Tiguan 1.4 Blue Motion today....

Machine press to hold down the tire whilst installing the sensors

All 4 wheels done at the same time ! 

New TPMS Sensor with Valve installed

Under Normal Load, the display is normal.

When Max Load selected, the warning sounded out ! 

The TPMS Module fitted

 26 September 2014 : TPMS High on GTI Mk6 

We fitted this TPMS on a Mk 6 GTI in KL.  A half day affair and a happy Suhaimi is the second in KL to have the TPMS Premium fitted after Dean ! 

After fitting the receiver and programming, the TPMS shows up on the cluster

Inserting the wheel sensor at the tyre shop

After driving, the actual pressure showed up on the display ! 

16 April 2014 TPMS High on Touran
Congratulation to Edmund for being the first Touran installed with the TPMS ( Tire Pressure Measuring System ) High !  

We fitted the receiver as usual on the rear left corner of the Touran and got the wheels sensors fitted with Hurry Tyres located at 124 Mackenzie Road Singapore (228712) . As usual Tristan extended his wonderful personal service to get the job done !

System enabled but vehicle not driven . No signal received from wheels

After Driving

The last recorded pressure would always be displayed on the TPMS display. After driving, the wheel sensors would transmit the latest pressure to the receiver. Pressure in the morning or when tires are cold, are usually lower as compared to a warm tire. Pressure variation would be between 3 to 6 psi depending of weather and vehicle speed.

4 April 2014 : TPMS High VW Golf Mark 5 GTI 

Installed receiver module and cabling.  Found that when the 4 wheel sensors are not sending any data, the system would shut down.  Was puzzled why the display of the TPMS disappeared.  VCDS diagnosis states that the TPMS have "Switched Off" .....

Drove down to HURRY TIRES and got Tristan to help install the sensors.  Their workmanship and service is Excellent ! Everything done within 1 hour ! Really good service.  They even washed the wheels ! My Detroits were sparkling when it was done.

After fitting the four wheels, the display came back but with no reading.  Drove for about 5 mins.....and the pressure reading of the four wheels appeared on the screen.

Display of TPMS on Colour Cluster 

Mounted rear receiver unit at the left rear corner.
7 September 2013
The 2012 Tiguan came with the TPMS 2 which is a ABS based pressure calculation system.  We fitted the Highline TPMS on this Tiguan.  After install, the vehicle would have two TPMS installed. 

So....how do you tell if a VW car is fitted with this Highline TPMS ?  Answer : Look at the Wheel Air Valve

The steel mounted air valve assembly is the indication that the TPMS Highline is installed

The new display of the various tire pressure is a welcome sight for the Tiguan customer.

The Receiver unit is mounted at the rear.
The Receiver unit viewed from under.....

23 August 2013 
The Orange TPMS have been a good device to warn driver of the tire pressure but the older model Green display seems out of place on the VW interior ( newer Orange TPMS is in Red display now....).   The need to hide or locate the display unit with the awkwardly protruding USB power jack is a pain.....in my opinion.

After a relatively long investigation, we have successfully completed an install of the TPMS High on a B6 Passat.  On this car, we need to replace the instrument cluster to a new version and also the Gateway to the latest B7 version.  The parts involved are original VW parts including the specific connectors required.....as such, the retrofit exercise's cost was much higher that that of the cost of the typical Orange TPMS.

Nevertheless, many VW customers have asked for this to be made available.  As such.....this exercise was carried out.

The TPMS High on Volkswagen cars would show the actual tire pressure reading according to the wheel position.  

A pressure sensor is mounted in each wheel behind the air valve and sends a signal to a receiver located in the rear right wheel vicinity. The signal is transmitted via radio frequency when the wheel is turning at a specific speed otherwise there is no transmission. 

The receiver receives the signal from the 4 sensors and is able to distinguish the different positions of the 4 sensors even though they are none specific.  Some other brands of TPMS have different types of sensors ( e.g. Orange TPMS ),  which must be installed in specific location before the display can be correct.  

The signal received is transmitted via LAN to the control module in the vehicle for display on the MFD. 

NOTE : The function of this TPMS would only work with older Meter Cluster model type and Gateway module.

The Kit with a specially made harness for the vehicle type

The Receiver mounted

Original VW TPMS High Sensor

Aftermarket ORANGE TPMS sensor

TPMS High display on MFD

Select Load Type for pressure limit monitoring

Option of Partial or Full load

Select specific wheel and tire size mounted

Select pressure measuring type

21 June 2012
Retrofitted the Indirect TPMS for the Jetta6.  Same procedure but programming is quite different.  
Original TPMS switch is fitted in the glove box by factory but we placed the switch on the central console instead for easier access. 
The TPMS Icon appears during ignition on process and switches off automatically when system completed check. 

The Tire Monitory System ( TMS ) or Tire Deflation Monitoring Sytem ( TDMS ) are common equipment on all VW cars. Problem is some are factory fitted while others are not. If it is not fitted, we only need to trigger it by installating the required switch and programming the computer.  The system is a safety equipment which should have been a standard in all our cars but some how, this have been left out for some reason.

The TDMS does not measure the actual pressure as there are no sensors installed inside the wheels. The TDMS makes use of the ABS sensors to measure the rolling diameters of the wheels.  When the tires pressure have been renewed ( pumped air at the station ), a simple press on the switch for 3 seconds would trigger or reset the monitoring system in the ABS.

During operation, when one of the wheels have a puncture, the rolling diameter is smaller than the others......the ABS would deem this as a puncture and trigger the Tire Error icon on the instrument cluster.  However, it does not say which wheel is having the puncture. Using the VAGCOM, you would be able to know which wheel though.

Have this function activated on my Passat B6...by inserting a control wire into the ABS and programming it.

TDMS Reset Switch

TDMS Monitoring Icon on the Instrument Cluster

Dismantling the ABS connector to insert the control wire[ 

Before inserting the wire, the water seal plug must be removed....a daunting task ! 

Inserted wire into the ABS connector

Programming of the ABS control unit is a MUST or else nothing works 

On new vehicles, the switch is now located in the glove box compartment.  I guess that VW have decided that it is not necessary to access the switch regularly and have relocated it but I find it cumbersome to open the glove box each time I pump up the tire....which I do so on a weekly basis.  

The switch is the same as those previous used and I would think that some owners may still have the option or prefer to have the switch located in the central console instead. 
The provision in the Jetta 6 Glove Box for the TDMS

On Golf/Scirocco models
On Tiguan...provison made but not installed

On the Jetta6, all the 4 provision is blank

On Polo Sport.....base Polo do not have TDMS included