Golf R Steering Wheels


For the million $$ holding feel when driving......nothing beats the sport steering from the Golf GTI/R series.

Scirocco R Blue Thread on Passat B7

RED stitch GTI Standard Aluminium DSG/MFSW

Black Ebony with Grey Stitching

Black Leather with Grey Stitch Aluminium Trim ( on Golf 5 )

Black Ebony Grey Stitch on Passat CC

B6 Passat with Golf R Grey Thread Aluminium Trim

Golf GTI steering on 2009 Tiguan

Cashmere Thread Sports Steering 

Cashmere Thread on Tiguan

Top Sports Scirocco R Blue Thread Steering

Passat B7 Steering with a blue thread sports steering. 

Volkswagen have various theme of sports steering available. The colour thread varies from black, red, grey and silver. More exotic colours such as orange, beige, cashmere or mixed colour. 

This is the Blue Bro theme.  

Love it !