Passat Everything

Executive Passat CBX Edition

What the customers say !

A name well deserved for De Only Executive Spec Passat B7 : 
Dynaudio Sound 600 Watt 10 Channels/10 Speakers, 
3D Colour Cluster, 
TPMS Premium, 
Lane Assist, 
Lane Departure Assist, 
Front Assist, 
Lane Change Assist, 
Easy Open Trunk, 
Electric Rear Blind, 
Self Park V2, 
Xenon Headlights, 
LED Tail Lights
Dual Chromatic Auto Dim Wing Mirrors Left and Right 
Electric Boot Lid Open/Close ( pending project )

Retrofit Left Side Wing Mirror with Auto Dimming Chromatic Function

Most Volkswagen vehicle are equipped with the auto dimming interior rear view mirror. This has a front and rear light sensor which measures the light from both direction and dim or rather darken the mirror glass so as to cut out the glare from the lights behind. 

Darken glass with Green LED indicator

The auto dimming function can be switched off by pressing a button beneath the mirror assembly. The green LED indicator would switch off and the auto dimming function would cease. 

For the higher spec Volkswagen model, there is an added function of the driver side wing mirror also being equipped with this function. This wing mirror glass also known as Chromatic Glass is linked to the interior rear view mirror function. The wing mirror glass would also darken in coordination with the interior rear view mirror.  This effectively cut off the glare from the passing vehicles and vehicles behind. 

Dimming function switched off. 

Dimming switched on. Glare is drastically reduced ! 

Due to the high cost of these mirrors, only higher end models are equipped with this function.  The mirror glass cost 3 times the normal plain mirror glass. 

Even on the current high end models, the left side passenger mirror glass is not equipped with this feature.  It is not even available as an option for ordering.  Volkswagen have deleted this feature probably due to cost.  On earlier 2005 Golf Mk5 GTI, it was available. 

To enhance the Executive Passat, we retrofitted the left side mirror glass with this feature. The process is tedious as we need to run a communication cable from the interior rear view mirror module through the door pillar connector into the door controller and connect to the mirror glass. A new special mirror glass with the chromatic feature needs to be used as well a special connector. 

Connecting the rear view mirror and left side wing mirror/module

Job completed via CBX quality workmanship ! 
Viola, now both wing mirror would dim when there is glare coming from behind. 

With auto dimming switched off

With Auto Dimming 
Yes, it is possible to have this function both left and right wing mirror glass retrofitted on Volkswagen cars not originally fitted with them.  However, the labour, work and cost would not be palatable to many. 

1st October 2015 : Driver's Assist System : Lane Assist 

Lane Departure Assist

The feature seems to be available for the Passat only. Though the feature was mentioned on the VW technical literature, we were not able to find any parts for the various other models. 

My 2013 study was done here

Embarked on the project to upgrade my B7 Passat with the Lane Assist camera.  This requires the replacement of the windscreen with the necessary mounting brackets for the camera. 

Original screen being prepared for dismantling.

Heart wrenching removal of original screen. It broke, of course !

New Lane Assist windscreen 

The Darth Vader camera viewing aperture

The Lane Assist Camera mounting bracket on screen

Inside view of bracket.
Because the rear view mirror have shifted lower down the screen with this new arrangement of the Lane Assist camera, we need to extend the wiring harness for both the Rain Sensor and Auto-Dim mirror.  The harness is extended by some 8 cm. 

The Front Assist module mounted overhead

Lane Assist control module 

The harness of the Lane Assist camera is fitted new and runs directly to the Gateway module. Coding of the vehicle electronic is required.

We had the option to enable the TRE function or Traffic Sign Recognition from the camera and RNS510. Unfortunately, Singapore itself is not on the support countries ( refer Owner's Manual for list of available countries ) . Road detail data are stored in the map data and works together with the camera to enable the function.  We disable the feature subsequently. 

Additional function : Traffic Sign Recognition

Driving Experience

After everything was verified and tested, we test drove the vehicle over several days.  As described in the owner's manual, this feature only works in certain conditions......above 65 kph vehicle speed, clear road markings, fine weather and brightly lighted roads without oncoming traffic. 

This feature is really useful for those who may occasionally lack is always functioning when enabled within the given conditions mentioned earlier and assist the driver in situation when the vehicle have unintentionally drifted out of the lane. The steering make small adjustment to get the vehicle back in lane. 

When we allowed the vehicle to drift off lane without turning the steering, the system automatically adjusted the steering to get the vehicle back in lane. When we attempt make slight adjustment to steer the vehicle off lane, the system recognise this and turn itself off. As such, when driver decides to change lane, the system would not intervene to counter the attempt. 

Conclusion, the Lane Departure Assist functions is a definite plus for safer driving especially on longer distances. 

29 August 2015 : S-Tronic Shifter on Passat B7

Got tired of the joy stick shifter on the Passat.  Somehow it is just to plain Jane ! Wanted something different.  Always like the old golf ball design from the Golf models but they may look abit strange on the Passat.  So we went shopping............

Audi Q3 Shifter on VW Passat 

A ball shaped feel on the touch ! 

The Blue Thread Theme in line with the Blue Bro Look !

Got hold of these LHD Audi Q3 S-Tronic shifter and converted it to RHD. 

As part of the Blue Bro Theme, got the black thread replaced using the stitching method by removing the old and pull in the new ! Dismantling the knob is tricky ! Reinstalling it ....extra tricky ! 

A painful process to replace the black with these blue thread ! 

The modified boot reinstalled with the knob ! 

Original shifter from the B7 Passat is boring ! Here it is for sale....


The normal suspension on the B7 Passat is simply too harsh for my rear end.  Having graduated from a vehicle with DCC, I simply find the normal suspension too uncomfortable for my liking. 

The DCC on the Passat B7 combined with 17" alloy rims with 235/45R17 Continental tires plus 32 psi pressure is simply very very comfortable. Do find the Contis a bit noisy though. Would be changing them to Michs when the time come so...currently, will put up with them. 

Assembling the critical controller connector with the various circuits needed
After production and insertion of the various circuits ! What a mess !!!

After organising the various circuit arrangement
Placing the DCC Controller beside the factory fitted Trajectory Reverse Camera controller
Rear DCC Shock Absorber installed.

Front DCC Shock and sensors installed
DCC Mode Display on MFD

DCC Mode Selection via left side control switch on central console

1st March 2015 : Passat B6 3C Dynamic Chassis Control 

Took the bold step to upgrade my 5 year old Passat B6 to the Volkswagen Electronic Suspension System aka Dynamic Chassis Control. 

I cannot imagine what the others have described about the DCC on their rides until I got it fitted on my workhorse Passat. 

It is like floating on a magic carpet above the road ! I get the soft comfy yet very controlled COMFORT mode, the very sporty handling SPORTS mode just like my previous Bilstein B6 set up and the in between NORMAL mode. Handling feel is also enhanced. 

The DCC can be fitted on the Golf, Passat, Tiguan and Touran.  

1. Electrical Harness

Using original connectors, pin connectors and quality automotive wiring cables, we put together a wiring harness for the DCC kit. Length of the harness is measured for the Passat according to the location of the control unit to the various sensors and absorbers. 

Connector for Controller 

Wiring assignment carefully designated

DCC Controller Connector 

Specially fabricated harness for Passat B6
Original Pin Connectors with ECU quality wires
Installing the Controller with support bracket and harness

Running the harness beside factory installed harness
Running into the wheel well via original factory grommet 
Rear Level Sensor

Rear Right DDC Absorber

Front Right Absorber

Rear Left Absorber

DCC option : NORMAL displayed on MFD

DCC option : SPORT

My favorite Option : COMFORT

January 2015 : Adaptive Cruise Control for Passat 

The road to the Adaptive Cruise Control for the Passat is long and tiring !  Firstly, we need to upgrade the ABS module that would support the ACC function.  This is a must for all Passat not originally fitted with the ACC as there are different part numbers supporting this function. 

Because we changed the ABS module, the old 3C8 electric parking brake module on my Passat B6 does not properly work anymore as there is an incompatibility issue between the two. So we need to replace that as well (applies to B6 Passat only).

The original 3C0# ABS before removal

The new 3AD# after installation.

3C0 vs 3AD ( notice the connector have changed from the front to the side. 

The entire central console must be removed to get to the Electric Brake Module
Hell of a lot of work to do just to change the module

3AA vs 3C8

After the install, all the whole electronics for ABS, Engine, Electric Park, Immo etc was in a huge mess ! Coding the new 3AD ABS unit was not possible with the VCDS as it is too new and ROSSTECH did not have any information or guides for the basic resetting and adaptation of the module though we are unable to code the module using the coding function. Luckily we have the latest ODIS tool from VW to help us do the job.  

After the replacement of the Electric Parking module, the system was in error and the brakes applied locked.  We were not able to move the vehicle out of the parking lot.  With the VCDS, we tried various coding to match the compatibility of the new Passat B7 module with this B6 chassis.  We did not change the central console switches ( this very reason why the ABS project was dropped the first time we tried ) . 

With the combined easy to use VCDS and the essential ODIS, working on the newer Volkswagen have never been easier. 

Eventually, after several hours, we managed to pair the new modules to the car ! Everything works perfectly and now we move on to the Adaptive Cruise Control retrofit.

First step, we need to replace the Volkswagen emblem shield on the radiator.  A special part number is required.  We adopted the shield that is provided into the B6 emblem.  

Removed the B6 VW emblem

The supplied ACC Shield does not fit the B6 Passat.

Cut out the old VW and adapted the supplied emblem

The shield is slightly smaller that the actual emblem of the B6 but we made it fit 

Removed the radiator grille assembly to show the mounting position of the ACC Radar

Add the Radar Sensor and connect to the system
Installed the ACC type switch assembly

The ACC Icon is permanently on display

Coding of the various components such as ECU, ABS, Steering, Steer Assist, Distance Regulator,etc is required.  A complex process....which took a long and tiring route. 

The ACC seems to be permanently on standby.....once engine started,
the green icon on the right appears 

On the MFD, there is an option to switch off the ACC or Front Assist as shown here. 

When the road ahead is clear, the whole illustration shows a clear path. 

New function under the Settings on the MFD 

Both are different functions....Front Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control

Options under Front Assist
ACC works like the normal CC function but in conjunction with Front Assist

Options under ACC

Option to choose between Comfort/Normal/Sports ( Like DCC ? ) 

When ACC is Deactivated !

The new ACC emblem on the radiator grille

My experiencing the Front Assist ! Scary ! 

1st March 2014 : Calf Leather Key Cover for Passat KESSY

Got me two key covers for the keys.  They protect the FOB keys from knocks and dents.

14 February 2014 : Valentine Day Mounting of Passat B6 Rear Emblem camera

The Passat B6 rear lid cover was not design for the new VW emblem camera.

Similar to the Golf 5 fitment, we had to remove excessive material which was blocking the camera. 

17 January 2014 : GPS Antenna for Passat B7

For Malaysian's version of the Passat B7, retrofitting the RNS 510 Navi Radio requires an antenna to be fitted on the dashboard area which may not be acceptable for some owners.  There is an option to fit the original factory antenna on the rear screen. The same antenna can also be found on the Golf Cabriolet and EOS

28 November 2013 : Enhancing Reverse Lights

Having fitted the dual ring LED lights, the rear visibility of the vehicle have been greatly improved.  As such, the necessity for the Rear Fog lights would not be my opinion. 

Fitted the LHD inner right rear lights which have the reverse bulb fitted.  There is now two reverse bulbs instead of the usual one on the left side. The right side fog light is deleted. The dual reverse lights are standard in the USA version.....

The LED brake/signal light ring is retrofitted onto the LHD light assembly. 

Night time visibility or dimly lighted car park lots is no longer an issue during reversing manoeuvres.  

 The inner left rear lights : RHD with Fog and LHD with Reverse Light

Dual Reverse Lights on the Passat B6 in LED format

30 Sept 2013 : SMD LED Brake/Signal Ring Installation

This is a video of the vehicle before and after modification....

Youtube Source : Passat Additional Lights ( HD quality )

Close Up Video of the Lights : Passat Rear Lights 

In order to enhance the rear visibility of the Passat B6, dual brake and signal lights would be added onto the inner lights mounted on the boot lid.  

These SMD LED dual colour rings are designed for the Passat B6/Jetta 5/Golf 5 Valeo tail lights.

Removed the inner lights of the Passat B6 and dismantled the lens to get to the inner reflector assembly 

Drilled out the blanks and finish hole diameter at 6mm

Install the SMDLED rings over the reflector housing.  Modification is needed to get the ring to fit properly. 

The ring would fit nicely over the housing.

Assembly of the housing back into the light assembly

The ring is designed to fit exactly into the original housing

Testing : Brake Light

Testing : Signal Light 

Reattached the lens back to the housing and seal it with clear polymer sealant. To do final install tomorrow.   

28 Sept 2013 : Retrofitting B7 Analogue Clock on 3C Passat B6

Being from the Old School upbringing, I am very familiar with the clock face and hands.....i.e. the old fashion analogue clock

When the B7 Passat first came out with the central mounted analogue clock, I am determined to make it mine ! 

After upgrading to the new 7N0 gateway, 3AA Central Convenience Module, it is now possible for me to have the clock.  It is mounted as part of the Central Electric II and Gateway.  Coding is necessary....connection is simple. 

But because, the various component have to be reposition, the changes on the various trims is necessary. 

With New Dashboard Trim installed 

The tray is removed and the hazard switch together. The Analogue Clock and a new mounting bracket. 

The hazard switch is moved from the original position to be part of the radio trim panel. New trim, new switch, new connector are required. 

The Front Passeng Airbag Reminder Light have been deleted         ( removed and hidden behind since I will NEVER use it ever....)      I use a new trim B7 Aircon Panel trim without the Passenger Airbag Reminder. 

De Clock ! 

The unwanted trims from the old design Passat B6

9 September 2013

9 September 2013 : Easy Open Retrofit

The latest B7 Passat with Easy Open trunk option have been retrofitted on the Passat B6.  Because of the older platform on the B6, several component need to be replaced and introduced.  These includes :

1. Instrument cluster
2. Gateway 7N0 series with AA
3. Convenience Module ( this is critical as the Easy Option controlling unit )
4. Harness
5. Dual parallel sensors
6. Sensing Module

After retrofitting, the MFD would display an option to select the Easy Open for the trunk.  When selected, the driver with the appropriate KESSY key would be able to trigger the opening of the trunk simply by swiping his foot under the rear bumper.  Certain condition must be met.

The Hardware....sensor module, Convenience Module, Sensors, harness....

Fitting the sensor kit onto the B6 Bumper

Sensing Kit fitted 

The EASY OPEN option on MFD

With the new Convenience Module, the once missing Convenience Menu now appears ! 

Many option is available on the new Convenience Menu ! Super Cool ! 

The New Convenience Module for the Passat only !

With the new convenience module, the colour cluster is more enhanced. Many features that I have never seen appears ! Worth the pain and suffering I went thru......

Watch these video on the new Convenience Menu and the Easy Open Option

23 August 2013 

The Orange TPMS have been a good device to warn driver of the tire pressure but the older model Green display seems out of place on the VW interior ( newer Orange TPMS is in Red display now....).   The need to hide or locate the display unit with the awkwardly protruding USB power jack is a my opinion.

After a relatively long investigation, we have successfully completed an install of the TPMS High on a B6 Passat.  On this car, we need to replace the instrument cluster to a new version and also the Gateway to the latest B7 version.  The parts involved are original VW parts including the specific connectors such, the retrofit exercise's cost was much higher that that of the cost of the typical Orange TPMS.

Nevertheless, many VW customers have asked for this to be made available.  As such.....this exercise was carried out.

The TPMS High on Volkswagen cars would show the actual tire pressure reading according to the wheel position.  

A pressure sensor is mounted in each wheel behind the air valve and sends a signal to a receiver located in the rear right wheel vicinity. The signal is transmitted via radio frequency when the wheel is turning at a specific speed otherwise there is no transmission. 

The receiver receives the signal from the 4 sensors and is able to distinguish the different positions of the 4 sensors even though they are none specific.  Some other brands of TPMS have different types of sensors ( e.g. Orange TPMS ),  which must be installed in specific location before the display can be correct.  

The signal received is transmitted via LAN to the control module in the vehicle for display on the MFD. 

NOTE : The function of this TPMS would only work with older Meter Cluster model type and Gateway module.

The Kit with a specially made harness for the vehicle type

The Receiver mounted

Original VW TPMS High Sensor

Aftermarket ORANGE TPMS sensor

TPMS High display on MFD

Select Load Type for pressure limit monitoring

Option of Partial or Full load

Select specific wheel and tire size mounted

Select pressure measuring type

Factory Xenon Adaptive Forward Lights with Shutter
Retrofitted the factory gas discharged Xenon lights onto my B6 Passat originally fitted with projector halogen lights.  

Installation involves special adapter harness connected to the Xenon Range Module with level sensor fitted in the rear wheel. Tweaking of the Center Electric Module is necessary to get the Xenon lights working as designed.....

Same can be done for the CC or Passat B7...Latter do not have LED DRL though.

Adaptive Gas Discharge Xenon Lamps with Cornering Light

Rear Leveling Sensor & harness

Mounted at the Rear Left Wheel control arm.
Special Adapter Harness : Halogen to Xenon

Mounted on the vehicle.

Adaptive Forward Lighting check routine

Cornering Lights via Dedicated H7 Bulb

Folding Mirrors for B7 Passat 

Fitting the electric folding mirros and control knobs on a Malaysian B7 Passat without electric folding mirrors.  First one in Malaysia....

12 May 2012
Today I completed my new project to add the motorised Sun Blind onto my Passat B6. 

The new sunblind motor assembly 

Specially fabricated harness with connectors 

Retrofitting VW original factory anti-theft alarm system.

Almost 99% of our cars do not come with Anti Theft Alarm System but only the Anti Theft System which comprises of an immobilizer system and dead bolt locking of the doors. 

This would mean that if someone breaks the window glass for some reason, he would still be able to reach in and grab anything he wants or even tow the vehicle away.

Adding the Siren and Interior Monitoring Sensor would make the system complete. So, if a potential theft was to break the windows, the siren would sound or if the vehicle is being towed, the siren would also sound. The ultra sonic sensor coupled with tilt sensing would detect any movement and trigger the siren.

Remove overhead console and mounted the interior monitoring sensor.  Tilt Sensor mounting poses some issue as there is no mounting point provided by factory. Probably adhered to the roof....?
Ultra Sonic Movement Sensor mounted with the Tilt Sensor hanging in limbo
Mounting of Siren Under Front Right Wheel Arch

Watch VIDEO of LOCK & UNLOCKING Confirmation

Watch VIDEO of Intrusion Triggered Alarm Siren

And of course, when we lock the doors remotely or unlock the door remotely, the siren would chirp to confirm the action taken.

And yes, we can technically do this for all the other cars like Golf, Scirocco, Tiguan, Touran....etc.

My 2010 Passat B6 with Golf R Steering and R Line Cluster....
Swee Buay Swee ?

Upgrade your "Basic" Cluster to full Colour Cluster ....or even R Line Cluster...

Basic White MFD on Passat / CC

Using this R Line Cluster.....transform it to....

PS : Only the PASSAT can swap the Colour Cluster without any issues on Immobiliser.  All other vehicles...GOLF6/ROC/POLO/JETTA6 etc....cannot do this....but must get a VW dealer to do the on-line coding of the new colour cluster.