Dynamic Chassis Control

What DCC Owner Say:

Andy9 December 2015 at 21:17

Had DCC installed by Jimmy last week and the ride has been very very comfortable since. Was on Bilstein B6 for a little more than a month and found it very harsh and decided to take the plunge.

No regrets going for DCC. The work by Jimmy was top notch and immaculate, wiring was done within a day and couple of days later, the new absorbers were installed and improvement was immediately felt.

Thank you Jimmy for this wonderful mod!

Steven Ng 8 August 2015 at 11:57

Had my aftermarket coilover change to DCC with Jimmy on 06th August 15, as usual workmanship for Jimmy and the workshop is excellent.

As a matter of fact i was a bit skeptical about the the DCC performance that i have been reading on the internet or from the review of other car owner but finally i still decide to go for it

I wouldn't say my ride now is exactly like on a 'magic carpet' but i would say that now it's definitely much more comfortable, smoother and personally i feel it's also much quieter thanks to the cancelling/softening of the road condition that DCC manage to diminish without losing the road holding 

The greatest beauty about DCC is that now i have a choice to decide the suspension setup to suit to my style of driving, as and when i like thanks to the option mode that DCC have to offer which is not achievable from my old setup. 

Kudos to Jimmy for bringing another great stuff to all VW owners.

AnthonyTan - salvotwo 23 May 2015 at 09:27

The 1st Jetta6 with DCC in Singapore!

Thanks Jimmy SiFu for this work which is normally believed not achievable!

The ride is simply like, borrowing the term from a fellow VW Bro, on a 'magic carpet'! Alladin would be jealous because his is just a carpet, mine is Jetta6 with DCC! The DCC 'cancels' or diminishes road irregularities beautifully and ensures the car and its wheels stay planted on the road in straights and cornerings with significantly reduced bounce and 'scary' feeling of rolls respectively. 

Toggling the Normal and Sports mode gives the DCC different parameters of behavior though the Sports is more apt for high speed straights and cornerings, giving the steering a firmer hold as well.

It's a worthwhile investment vs what you'll pay separately for aftermarket sway bar, chassis enhancements, strut bars etc. I think you get the picture!

I am now contemplating upping the rims to 17 or 18 inch and am sure the DCC will continue to work its magic for ride comfort.

Tristan Lim1 April 2015 at 15:52

My latest upgrade DCC. Its a tough job, but Jimmy is up for the challenge. The installation took 1 full day and ended without any error codes. 

DCC is the ultimate fully automated suspension control system.
It does not only control the suspension, but also the steering handling. 

DCC has 3 modes, Comfort, Normal, and Sport.

Comfort – The most comfortable setting. It gives you a feeling that your car is “floating” through
all the bumps and holes. 

Normal – Slight more controlled than comfort setting. It is extremely good for normal speed cornering.
If you are on winding roads, this setting will stabilised your car thru the corners.

Sport – my favourite setting. Extremely good for high speed cornering. 
Coupled with my 2.0 APRed TSI engine, it instantly transformed my SUV into a GTI. Zooming pass traffics with total stability and control. 

Control has never been the same again with DCC. 

ssh_sharan21 December 2014 at 11:47

Having driven a standard-spec sharan for 2 years, I am generally satisfied with the car except for the ride quality.

It’s not I would call magic-carpet smooth especially when the roads get really rough and uneven. Another thing that nags me is that there is no 6 seater available even as an option. I searched the internet and found jimmy’s blog. Impressed by what I saw on his blog, I decided to get DCC and the 7-seater to 6-seater conversion through Jimmy. 

Both of these upgrades involve a lot of parts, but luckily Jimmy sorted out everything for me and even managed to get some parts at a cost that is well below the retail prices.

Installation took place in Singapore and the progress went smooth as silk. Jimmy’s expertise and in depth knowledge made things look easy. But in reality, the DCC has so many wirings and connection that one false move would end in big trouble. The DCC and seat conversion turned out perfectly.

Everything works exactly like it should. What is really amazing about the DCC is that it can make the car more comfortable yet at the same time more controlled. I know it seems contradictory, but it really is. I am one happy customer!

Another Tiguan with DCC Retrofitted

4 December 2015

Yet another owner have come forward to do something about the ride quality of his Tiguan.  Have recently upgraded to the Bilstein B6 Sport Suspension but he found it too harsh for his liking not withstanding the fact the the handling of the vehicle did improve over the original system. 

He have experienced the DCC on another owner's Tiguan and decided to take the plunge for the investment. All the required parts for the Tiguan was ordered directly from Volkswagen Germany. The special harness was prepared within 2 days. 

The Tiguan spent a day at CBX Underground Workshop to have the wiring all wired up. The day after, it was down to HAT to have the experts install the system.  The whole system was up and running in about 5 hours. 

A test drive followed.  A lost of words as the owner is totally amazed by the new drive feel. 

A happy Tiguan owner who would surely enjoy the new found drive comfort and handling. Congrats ! 

For a detailed explanation on the DCC, do visit this link.  The world's best explanation on the DCC from Volkswagen.... 



The normal suspension on the B7 Passat is simply too harsh for my rear end.  Having graduated from a vehicle with DCC, I simply find the normal suspension too uncomfortable for my liking. 

The DCC on the Passat B7 combined with 17" alloy rims with 235/45R17 Continental tires plus 32 psi pressure is simply very very comfortable. Do find the Contis a bit noisy though. Would be changing them to Michs when the time come so...currently, will put up with them. 

Assembling the critical controller connector with the various circuits needed
After production and insertion of the various circuits ! What a mess !!!

After organising the various circuit arrangement
Placing the DCC Controller beside the factory fitted Trajectory Reverse Camera controller
Rear DCC Shock Absorber installed.

Front DCC Shock and sensors installed
DCC Mode Display on MFD

DCC Mode Selection via left side control switch on central console

20 May 2015 : DCC on Volkswagen Jetta Mk6 

What my customers say HERE 

We completed our first and only Jetta Mark 6 with the original Volkswagen Dynamic Chassis Control !   

A nice video from SEAT

Custom made harness for the Jetta Mk6 

Locating the DCC Controller in the boot 

Left ACC Sensor 

Right ACC Sensor

Front Left Sensor Left 

Rear Level Sensor

Front Right Shock Absorber DCC

Control Button on front console

11 March 2015 : Tiguan DCC Retrofit 

We completed our Tiguan 2013 DCC retrofit today.  The first and only Tiguan in Singapore and Malaysia, I would think. Complete work took a whole day....running harness/connectors in the morning and afternoon installing the hardware on the vehicle plus programming and setting.

The harness for the DCC is specially fabricated according to factory specification. 

Specially tailored harness for the Tiguan

Original factory location of DCC control module on Tiguan

Factory specification locally installed DCC Control Module

Front Acceleration Sensor mounted on front strut housing

Tiguan specified rear DCC Shock Absorber

Tiguan specified DCC Front Strut absorber 

Tiguan specific Level Sensors Front Left/Right and Rear 

 28 February 2015 : Passat B6 Retrofit DCC

Passat B6 3C Dynamic Chassis Control 

Took the bold step to upgrade my 5 year old Passat B6 to the Volkswagen Electronic Suspension System aka Dynamic Chassis Control. 

I cannot imagine what the others have described about the DCC on their rides until I got it fitted on my workhorse Passat. 

It is like floating on a magic carpet above the road ! I get the soft comfy yet very controlled COMFORT mode, the very sporty handling SPORTS mode just like my previous Bilstein B6 set up and the in between NORMAL mode. Handling feel is also enhanced. 

The DCC can be fitted on the Golf, Passat, Tiguan and Touran.  

1. Electrical Harness

Using original connectors, pin connectors and quality automotive wiring cables, we put together a wiring harness for the DCC kit. Length of the harness is measured for the Passat according to the location of the control unit to the various sensors and absorbers. 

Connector for Controller 

Wiring assignment carefully designated

DCC Controller Connector 

Specially fabricated harness for Passat B6
Original Pin Connectors with ECU quality wires
Installing the Controller with support bracket and harness

Running the harness beside factory installed harness
Running into the wheel well via original factory grommet 
Rear Level Sensor

Rear Right DDC Absorber

Front Right Absorber

Rear Left Absorber

DCC option : NORMAL displayed on MFD

DCC option : SPORT

My favorite Option : COMFORT

17 December 2014 : Retrofitting of DCC on Volkswagen Sharan

This Sharan customer is from Malaysia and have an issue with the very bad road conditions there in his home town. Tried fitting balloon tires on his Sharan using 16" wheels.  The ride slightly improved but the handling was absolutely terrible ! 

Volkswagen have a solution..... Dynamic Chassis Control or in Sharan language...Comfort Select ! 

DDC Explained by VW  

Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC)

DCC is an innovative system that allows you to choose the style of drive you want at any time. Three ride settings are offered - Normal, Sport and Comfort - all at the touch of a button in the centre console. This operates the electrically regulated dampers and steering. In Sport mode, for instance, relatively stiff dampers match the changed steering characteristics, offering a driving experience like that of an agile sports car. The damping also adapts itself to the respective road conditions. Each shock absorber is connected to a control which calculates the optimum setting for each wheel from the sensor data and other information received from the steering, braking, engine, transmission and driving assistance systems. This allows the ACC to react continually (up to a thousand times per second) to bumps in the road, changing lanes or bendy roads, reducing pitch and roll motion and provide the optimum settings for every driving situation.

We retrofitted his vehicle with this kit compromising of control switch, acceleration senders, level sensors, 4 sets of electronic controlled shock absorbers from Monroe, control module and an octopus wiring harness ! 

The mechanical portion of fitting the sensors and absorbers were done by Godspeed Auto under the expert hands of technicians Robin and Stanley ! Guidance was provided by chief tech Kang ! 

Determining the position of the senders and sensors is important as it is regimental to the proper function of the DCC !

Rear Acceleration Sender

Left and Right Level Sensors 
Rear Level Sensor

Left and Right Acceleration Senders

The DCC shocks have a control valve which controls the dampening action of the shock absorbers 

Rear DCC Absorber

Front DCC Absorber

DCC front absorber (top) vs standard absorber (bottom)

Fitting the kit on the Sharan took the experts about 3 hours to complete.  Naturally, the alignment would be affected after this retrofit which should be readjusted after all the work is done. 

The Front Left Acceleration Sender installed together with the shock absorber

Front Absorber installed ! ( the plug is sealed temporarily with tape )

Next, the vehicle visited my favorite radio shop at Toh Guan Road East.... another set of experts work on the car...Alex, Ah Poah, 

Striping out the interior for sound proofing job( another story ) 

The striped interior helps in running the DCC harness ! Life is sweet !

Striped out all the way to the rear ! 

We fitted the DCC control module under the 2nd row seat with the octopus harness ! Why Octopus ? ...........well.....it has 15 individual separate wiring harness going to different direction in the car ! Cannot and must not mess up ! No joke harness ! 

Harness connector under 2nd roll seats 

The Octopus harness I was referring to.......No Joke harness ! 

Connectors, pins, housing and boots ! All needed !

The individual and specific harness to the various sensors/senders 

Both Level Sensors and DCC Shock Absorber connected to the DCC Controller 
Connecting the level sensor !

Install the DCC control module and connect the harness 

The original carpet cover does not fit
When we tried fitting back the original carpet, we realised that it would not fit. What used to be an empty tray now a control module is there.  As shown in the picture above, the carpet cover do not have the embossed surface needed to cover the module but a depression for the original empty tray. 

Need to replace a new carpet cover which comes with "DRIVE SELECT" option or what we are doing here, DCC ! More $$$ to spend again but the customer insist on original position and fittings !

Lastly, we needed to program the vehicle and do the basic setting on this vehicle......using the ODIS programming system. All done within 3 hours of cold sweating. It is not an easy process....vehicle on ground, off ground, driving....etc.  

After the successful programming....the system works okay.  The control switch is located at the central console area.  When it keeps flashing, it would mean the system is faulty.  After programming, the flashing would stop and every works like clock works ! 

Both the C & S indicator is flashing continuously before programming.
After programming, the flashing stops.  Press it once to select the C or the COMFORT mode
The COMFORT mode would be displayed on the MFD on a few seconds. 

Press it again to activate NORMAL mode

NORMAL mode displayed for a few seconds on the MFD

Lastly but not least, the SPORTS  mode.  

SPORT mode displayed.....hard ride ahead ! 

This SPORT mode is for hard driving and cornering, not everybody like this setting ! Even GTI owners prefers to switch to NORMAL or COMFORT as they find the SPORT mode too harsh for their liking......but not all GTI owners though.  Some swear by it !

A detail explanation on the DCC can be found here 

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