Golf 7 Everything Possible

CBX Jimmy Volkswagen 2015 Golf 7 1.4 TSi

Comfortline Golf 7 2015 
Basic Family Car 1.4 
What my customers say ! 

On 13th June 2016, I have received my used March 2015 Volkswagen Golf 7 1.4 TSi . This replaces my 2009 Golf 5 GTI.  This car was owned by John Ioannis Anagnostopoulos from Greece. Got the car relatively fast as they are in the midst of migrating to UK after 9 years in Singapore.

The car was used primarily by his wife Afroditi to ferry the kids to school and running around Bedok area. The mileage was 16,000 km when I took over the car. Spent several days cleaning up the car to CBX requirements.

Have many plans on my epic journey to learn about the MQB platform car.  As such, have purchase this relatively basic car. I don't want the Keyless Push Start but would not mind the KESSY Keyless Entry. The sunroof on the Sports version is also not a required option. 

The epic journey begins....

1. Decorative Exhaust Pipe Inserts ( 15 June 2016 )

One of the first things that attracted my attention is the exhaust pipe inserts provided by Volkswagen Singapore.  It is a total misfit using an offset oversize pipe over a smaller pipe. It is impossible to align the two pipe to achieve a nice fitting look.  Don't understand why Volkswagen would release such a product. It degrades the look of the car. Better to have the original exhaust pipe itself without any chrome inserts.

The Ugly Originals

Just plain poor engineering 

My new slip ons

Nice fit : Almost impossible to remove 
Smaller in diameter but they fit very well. This is what Volkswagen should give their customers.

2. Interior Roof Lighting ( 17 June 2016 )

This vehicle cam with the standard incandescent light bulb which is blue tinted. Suppose to give a "white" appearance but it is much too amber.  I upgrade the bulbs to a 5000K SMD LEDs meant for the headlight pilot light. 

View of cabin with the 5000K SMD LED bulb ( 2 pcs )
Picture taken in a basement carpark

Brightened the rear cabin with the same bulbs !

This is the first time I am using this bulb for the cabin as the Golf 7 cabin light assembly have a much bigger cavity than previous model. The bulb fitted perfectly. The bulb would not fit on previous VW models.

3. Door Exit Warning Lights ( 19 June 2016 )   

As a standard safety feature, the door exit warning light is a must as far as I am concerned. Apart from light up the door area in dark areas, it also provides some visual warning of approaching vehicles.

Unfortunately, none of the Golf 7 vehicles are equipped with the door exit warning lights. Even on the top end Golf R models.

Factory wiring diagrams do not provide any wiring instructions on the required system. We managed to figure out how we can install the lights on the Golf 7. Modification on existing system is require plus coding using VCDS.

Front Door Door Exit Warning Light

Rear Door Door Warning Lights

4. Leather Key Pouch : 21 June 2016

The original key is so plain Jane. No chrome tips like those from the GTI. Got to get a cover up for them. These leather key covers does the pretty good !

Nice genuine key pouch for the VW flip keys

5. Boot Loading Protective Trim Sill : 22 June 2016

Always protect the boot loading trims with these robust stainless steel protector. A must for every car. 

6. Door Sill Protector Scuff Plates for Golf 7 : 2nd July 2016 

The standard door plate provided by Volkswagen is pathetic. I would classify it as a nameplate rather than a door sill plate or scuff plate. There is absolutely no function except to remain people that it is a Golf model. No protection whatsoever of the sills or edges. Mine got scratches already following one year of ownership by the previous owner.

Got them removed and was surprised that it is actually an original Volkswagen part under no. 5G0.071.303B

A nameplate ? 

We order these very handsome and high quality sill protectors from a UK supplier. They fitted very nicely and looks absolutely fabulous on the blue finishing ! Guess they stand out better on dark colors.

Available as plain lines or model associated. I chose the TSi version.

The rear is much shorter than the front but looks as good. 

7. Footwell Lighting : 3rd July 2016

The Golf 7 Comfort Line did not come with the footwell lights.  We retrofitted them with the Golf 6 normal incandescent footwell lights and replace the bulbs with LED bulbs.

An aftermarket harness needs to be introduced on the vehicle and connected to the BCM to control the lighting.

Coding of the BCM is required and is more complicated then it was on the earlier models.  With help sought from the earlier pioneers of the Golf 7 since 2013, we managed to get them fitted relatively easily.

Adjustment of the footwell light in ambient mode was done via the MFD on the instrument cluster previously. Now, it is done via the Information Center on the Radio. I am amazed by this....though I am a late come as they have this since 2013.  Something new for me. MQB platform is interesting !

Both the front and rear footwell area are lighted up 100% with doors opened

Ambient mode....lighted up at 30% per my choice

The apertures are provided for on all the cars.

After coding, the Footwell option appeared

My choice at 30% during headlights switched on 

8. Retrofitting the External Charcoal/Pollen Filter on Golf VII 7 : 5th July 2016

The open port net on the external air intake vent is subjective.  Dirt and grim plus insects would get through the gaps.

The original screen housing on the Golf VII 7
Dirt and road grim get pass the screen and end up inside the cabin and
get stuck at the pollen filter inside

It is fortunate that there is a pollen filter built before the evaporator
Fitted an external filter housing with a built in pollen filter to prevent this from happening. The carbon impregnated filter would reduce the smell coming into the car. The filter would also be the first line of defense against all foreign particles. 

The replacement filter housing with the carbon impregnated 

The air quality sensor is fitted as per original position
The rain water deflector is refitted into position to complete the job

Adding to the work, I replaced the old carbon impregnated filter with the latest Volkswagen anti-allergies carbon filter.  This part have only been recently introduced. Cost slight more than the normal carbon filter. 

New Anti-Allergies Carbon Filter vs Normal Carbon Filter

The Choice is obvious

Now, the air smell so much fresher and cleaner with the new set up.  Well worth the money spent to make the occupants healthier and alert ! 

9. 29 July 2016 : LED Tail Lights from Golf R ; Smoke Tint ! 

Cannot resist the call of the R and had the ends replaced with the smoke tinted R lights. Looks superb with them and coded them to light up all 4 lights together ( inside and outside ) instead of outside only. 

The smoke tint looks really matching on the Night Blue Metallic colour. 

Dynamic Signal Lights

10. LED Bulbs H11 Fog Light ( 30 July 2016 )

Replaced the rather dull incandescent H11 bulb on the Golf 7 fog lights ! These bulbs have special LEDs from Phillips. The light intensity is 4000 illuminance. 

Did not consider the HID ( High Intensity Discharge ) bulbs as they are rather glaring as previously experienced. I was concerned that these LED bulbs would be the same but was surprised that the way the bulbs are mounted to reflect properly onto the road rather then all over the place. As such the bulbs are not glaring at all !

After install, I actually have the fogs working as cornering lights.  Never show the fog working as cornering lights as the original incandescent bulbs shown poorly on the road.  Now, the LED literally brightens up the right and left corners during turns.  

The original DRL on the headlights is a mismatch to the White fog lights currently. Next upgrade would resolve this issue. 

The Fog lights appear blue on the picture but is actually white to our eyes ! 

Light thrown onto the floor
( little or no reflection from the stainless steel railing in front )
With only the fog lights switched on, the entire front floor area is literally flooded with white light ! The corners are so clear now !

The beam of the fog light are flat and down without adjustment.
This would not glare other drivers unlike HID bulbs

11. 31 July 2016 : DSG Shifter from Audi RS Converted to Golf 7

I never like the original shifter from VW since the Golf 6. The joystick design is just not there. The E35 golf ball design was nice on the Golf 6 GTI but it stopped there.

Comparing the original imitation leather and plastic feel shifter, the RS shifter is really NICE ! The feel is just out of this world. Something that we always come into "contact" when we drive !

I converted the Audi RS Shifter onto the Golf 7 ! Love the "On The Ball" feel !

Too plasticky and cheap feeling. 

The Million $$ feel of the RS shifter

Feels Great to the feel !! 

Classy justification for a great car ! 

The new Lane Assist Windscreen completed

12.  Retrofitting Lane Assist on Golf 7 (6 Aug 2016 )

The benefit of the lane assist in my opinion, is very necessary. It assist in keeping the car in lane when travelling above 70 kph by gently correcting the vehicle direction by electrically turning the steering wheel to aid the driver. 

Fitting the original VW Lane Assist on the Golf 7 involves major modification which includes the windscreen, rear view mirror and even the Gateway of the vehicle. This is not for the faint hearted ! 

A special part number for the Lane Assist option windscreen was ordered and installed on the Golf 7 

Special Lane Assist option windscreen

Everything you need...rear mirror, camera, heater and rain sensor 

This is the painful part when the old screen is removed ! Urgghhh ! 
The guys fitting the new screen 
New mirror is needed as the old would not fit on the new position 

The original rain sensor is re-used. 
The new set up with new mirror and housing cover

The hidden Lane Assist camera

Calibrating the Lane Assist Camera A5 R242 

The Lane Assist Camera requires calibration to the car installed.  We use a laser X-Y tool to precisely position the calibration board VAS6430 

Using a X-Y Laser to position the VAS6430 board correctly to the car

Calibration in progress using ODIS Service

After successful calibration. 

Traffic Sign Assist

As part of the Lane Assist function, the front camera double up as a Traffic Sign Recognition camera. It reads specific road signs and display on the instrument cluster to warn the driver. 

The speed limit of the road is captured by the camera and displayed on the cluster under the Road Sign section

During driving, the speed limit of the road is displayed

13 : August 12 2016 : Fitting the Anti Theft Alarm Warning System ATWS on the Golf 7 

The Golf 7 is prepared for the ATWS.  All the base version as I know are fitted with only the Anti Theft System minus the Warning system. Presumably this is due to cost concern. 

ATWS Door Lock/Unlock Acoustic Confirmation
with Coming/Leaving Home Light via Fog Light LED 

The standard Anti Theft System comprises of the dead bolt door locks on all the doors/hatch and locking indicator on all doors/hood/hatch. Once the doors are locked, it cannot be opened from the inside.

The Anti Theft Warning System can be incorporated onto the existing factory system by adding the various tilt & intrusion module/siren/switch/harness and programming. 

This would protect the vehicle from any intrusion or being towed away illegally.  

There is not additional controller device needed as the system work with the original Volkswagen door remote controller key. 

Door opening and closing can be audible as desired. This is controlled from the Information Center (Radio Head Unit) 

Additional Feature : The doors can also be programmed to be automatically armed when all the doors are closed. This would render vehicle protection in the event the driver forgets to lock the vehicle when leaving it. If the doors are opened again, the siren would sound off unless the ignition key is inserted into the ignition lock cylinder.  

ATWS Acoutic Confirmation can be controlled via the Radio 

The new VW Golf 7 Siren is installed behind the bulkhead. 

Tilt/Intrusion Module 

14 : 19 August 2016 : Retrofitting Discovery Pro MIB2 on Golf 7 

Having been looking forward to this project for my Golf 7.  Retrofitting the latest MIB2 Discovery Pro unit is not a easy task. 

It involves replacing the entire glove box console so that the controller unit ( 5F Information Center ) is installed. 

The original housing

The new housing for the Discovery Pro controller module

Removed the glove box housing to expose all the components behind.

A specially fabricated harness extend the connector from the original position to the glove box location. 

Remove the original Composite Colour head unit and vent housing

The new MIB2 Display Unit fits perfectly ! 
After fitting the two main units, the system works okay.  There are some functions and gremlins that needs to be ironed out.

Discovery Pro MIB2 retrofitted

Vehicle Data is displayed per MFD information

The MIB2 App Connect function

The App Connect function works great. Here is my write up

DVD playing but need to install the VIM 

The map is the latest with MCE etc ! 2016

This is my favorite ..... The Blue Trainer ! 

15. Shark Fin Retrofitted (August 22 2016)

After the Discovery Pro retrofitting, an original roof mounted GSP antenna is absolutely necessary for good GSP reception.  We fitted the original new Volkswagen shark fin which is used on all the MQB chassis vehicles such as the Golf 7, Passat, Touran and Tiguan. 

Original VW Golf 7 GPS antenna 
We have done many retrofit before using the older shark fin antenna which was a simple 15 mm x 15 mm square hole. However, on the new Golf 7, a really big odd shape hole needs to be cut onto the roof.  This is not for those with weak stomach. 

Not for the weak stomach owner ! 

The hole is cut using a template of the antenna. The odd hole is really odd. It is not evenly shaped and not centrally aligned. Had to compare the actual antenna to the marked hole before proceeding with the actual cutting. 

The roof lining must be lowered partially to allow access to the underside where the antenna must be secured.  That also process requires removing most of the trims at the hatch which is hindering the roof lining lowering. 

I approached the job with an opened mind that if everything fails, I would patch up the hole, weld it up and respray the whole roof at most ! 

However, work proceeded successfully and the odd shaped hole was cut nicely. I am about 95% satisfied. Could have done a better job. Nevertheless, the antenna fitted nicely, secured properly and when tightened from the underside the antenna lock in 100% ! 

This is a new designed antenna anchor. The Audi A5 antenna looks similar but is secured with a simple nut. The fit was not as solid though. The single nut holding the antenna down on a slightly curved roof may be the cause. This new anchoring method is really solidly mounted. 

The hole is located per original position and is centrally located under the roof

Cannot be happier with the GPS reception. Even when parked at the 2nd floor car park with out 10% viewing of the sky, the reception was 3/12 satellite. 

The new GPS antenna looks more sleek than the older fin ! 

16. Automatic Pop My Hatch Kit 17 Sep 2016

The standard opening of the hatch via the remote on the key fob is horrendous. All you get is a "click" and a very very slight movement on the hatch indicating that it is "opened". You will need to lift it with your hands to get it to open up. 

We fitted the automatic "pop my hatch" kit to the Golf 7 and it did wonders !  

Now all I have to do is to stand back, press the remote and the hatch pops right open wide ! Very wide in fact. Seems much wider than on the Golf 6, a friend from Malaysia have commented  !

Guess he is right ! 7 is higher than 6 ! 

17. Adaptive Cruise Control ACC on Golf VII 7 : 22nd Sept 2016

The ACC is a very useful feature on the VW car and my experience on the Passat have spurred me to acquire this feature on the Golf 7.  

A "Must Have" in my opinion. 

My quest for this comes with a price. It is not as simple to install as it was on the Passat B6/7.  

Volkswagen have made it very much more difficult for folks like myself to do retrofitting by adding the Component Protection feature on the ACC controller. It can only be activated online via VASPC or ODIS. Best of all, it cannot be activated unless you have this feature on your original car......meaning to say it is impossible to retrofit because mine did not come original from factory to allow me to enable it. However, my European gurus have a way around it. They are are genius working there. 

To install the radar, it is not as simple as hiding it behind the emblem now. We have to replace the whole bumper guard behind the front bumper moulding with an original part number which comes with a proper retainer to hold the radar. 

Top is original without holder. Lower is replacement with holder 
Radar is installed on the bumper bar 

The radar sensor mounted

The radar is part of the front lane assist camera and connected via a pair of CAN wire

A new lower radiator grille is also needed to be fitted. Problem is....they all come with chrome trimming. As such, all the lower trims have to be replaced with matching trims. The lower side trims, fog light trims and the special ACC center lower trims. 

Front Radar fitted with new lower grille
Radar Mounted
New, the steering wheel.  The original steering of the base Golf VII does not have anything. Don't even dream about paddle shifters for the DSG. Only radio control and MFD control buttons....still better than the Trend Line 1.2 model. That only have a horn button ! That model is a church mouse edition. 

R Steering with ACC 

The ACC requires a special steering wheel with the built in ACC control button which is different from the normal Cruise Control feature. 

Special ACC Steering Wheel

R-Steering with ACC Controls
Upon activation, the MFD changes to ACC mode and shows the Lane Assist ( works in conjunction ). If there is a vehicle in front, it would display a model of a vehicle on the MFD. 

Vehicle is stopped at a pre-selected distance. 
We can select the distance to follow via the steering or Discovery Pro HU. Using the steering buttons on the left, it is easier done on the go. 

Vehicle stops at a pre-selected distance.

When the vehicle in front moves on, we press the RES button on the steering for the vehicle to follow suit. 

Best of all, there is the City Emergency Brake. This function as a radar to track the vehicle in front. Once it slows down suddenly, the vehicle's brake would automatically be applied to slow down the vehicle in time to prevent an accident. 

The manual says that...."brakes would be applied to reduce the damages in event of a frontal accident". 

End of the day, this is one of the best features on the Golf 7 that I am enjoying ! The only Golf 7 in Singapore and Malaysia or even Asia to have this feature.....I think ? 

18. Dynamic Turn Signal for Retrofitted LED Tail Lights

Using a special module where the signal lamps inside and outside are electronically triggered to give a sequential arrangement we achieve the dynamic turn signal effect.  Not actually the REAL dynamic effect where the individual bulbs are lights up respectively one after the other to give you the running light effect. This is done on the Jaguars and Audi etc. Nevertheless, it is good enough for the price paid.

19. Golf R Double U DRL Xenon Headlights 5 Nov 2016

Finally done ! After several weeks with a stubborn error which cannot eradicated due to a wrong wiring. It was a back breaking effort. 

Volkswagen have several different Xenon Headlights which are differentiated by the stripe inside the headlamp. 

The common Xenon single U found on all the 1.4 Sports version are with a bright chrome stripe, the more exotic GTI is naturally with a red stripe, the Golf R is with a mat stripe and the Golf-E which is a LED headlight is with a blue stripe. There even a yellow stripe design for the Golf R 400

E-Golf Blue Stripe

Golf R 400 Yellow Stripe
Initially, I wanted to fit the E-Golf headlights because of the bright LED headlight function but dropped the idea because of the absence of the double U-DRL feature. 

Imported the RHD Golf R headlights directly from Germany.....fresh from the oven. 

Fresh from Germany VW warehouse....RHD Golf R Headlights

There 4 modules under the lights.

It is not possible to fit the AFS headlights on the vehicle without replacing the BCM which controls the AFS/2xU-DRL function. The original BCM does not support this function. Replacing the BCM was a nightmare. Not easy but not impossible. An adapter harness is required to connect up the new AFS headlights to the new BCM. 

Original AG vs AJ BCM

After fitting the lights !

Full LED Signal lights

Full Bright either on Auto Mode or Full-time on 

Hello Sexy ! 

So sexy ! Double U-DRL

After coding, controls are made on the Discover Pro's Light Assistance 

20. High Polish Stainless Trim Enhancement : Golf 7 : 17 January 2017

The original black rubber window frame on the Golf 7 is dull. The Passat B7 windows are endowed with the stainless trim from factory. 

Found these stick on stainless trims which are perfect for the Golf 7 windows. They are Made In China products which came highly recommended from a friend. The fit and finish is very good. Well....who said that China products are always bad ? 

The sticker tape provided is from 3M ( maybe real maybe next door neighbor 3N ) .  After several days, they seem to be holding. Very firmly attached. 

Now the Golf looks more executive ! Done away with the black black look. The chrome finish is pleasing to my eyes

21. Steering Knuckle Upgrades : Golf 7 1.4 TSi : March 2017

To enhance handling and performance, a reduction of unsprung weight would be a plus. So, we replace the heavy Cast Iron knuckle to the GTI/R styled aluminum alloy steering knuckle. The weight difference is tremendous ! 

This involves replace bigger drive shaft bearing and ball joints as well the respective nuts. 

It is an expensive exercise. Total cost is about S$1500. 

Aluminum vs Cast Iron
Weight between the two is tremendous ! 
New Steering Knuckle, ball joint and absorber
Mounted on the vehicle

The ball joint is of a different lenght/ replacement is necessary.

22. Active Info Display Instrument Cluster on Golf 7 : 25 April 2017

Have always been fascinated by the Active Information Display on the Passat B8 when it was first introduced in 2016. 

I got to get one of this but cannot afford to buy the new Passat Exclusive B8 2.0 ! 

When the new Golf 7.5 was shown, it have the Active Info Display cluster ! 

This is absolutely good news ! I got my hands on a set from VW Germany including the original trim cover which is a must. 

Original Analogue Cluster

Active Info Display Cluster 

Installing the new AID cluster !
Before enabling Production Mode ( 2 km odometer reading )

Complete installation after input of original odometer reading.

23. DCC on Golf 7 MQB ( Dynamic Chassis Control ) - March 2017

Yes, I am an addict to the DCC on Volkswagen cars. 

Embarked on this unknown journey on the new MQB chassis Golf 7. Unknown because VW have controlled many features with component protection, online coding/activation and VSM(vehicle software management) for what I am aware of. 

Ordered all the parts from Germany including harness for the wheel arches. 

Custom made harness is required to connect the system to the vehicle. 

Remove the Rear Left trim panel

Fitted the holding bracket for the controller

Mounting controller with harness 

Rear DCC shocks installed with new wheel arches harness

New wheel arch harness leads from underneath the rear seat bench

Front DCC Shock absorber installed with new arches harness

Discarded original  wheel arch harness and excess wires cut off.

Something new is the rear Accelerator Sensor mounting. It is inside the vehicle instead of the usual rear shock absorber position. 

New as well is the front accelerator sensor. 

Control of the DCC mode is no longer via a simple push button on the central console but via the Drive Mode selection on the Head Unit. In my Golf 7, we have the Discovery Pro unit and upgraded with the Golf R drive mode features. 

The usual ECO/Comfort/Normal/Sports/Individual have been upgraded to the Golf R functions where a RACE mode now replaces the Sports mode.

The Individual mode allows driver to change the various settings whereas the rest are fixed. 

The previous display of the Comfort/Normal/Sport function on the cluster also follows the HU change. 

At the end of the project, the effort and cost is overwhelming. The ride and handling is as usual, tremendous and satisfying.

This upgrade is not for the normal Golf 7 owner to consider. 

24. Map Projection onto AID Cluster  Golf VII (1st Sept 2017)

The journey never ends....always something to play with the lovely Golf VII 1.4 TSi. My epic journey is described here

Having completed the Discovery Pro retrofit on the Golf 7, went on to retrofit the AID Cluster early this year. 

The AID Cluster is the best retrofit that I have done so far and it is not only functional but an eye-candy for me each time I am in the Golf ! Really really enjoy this AID Cluster. 

Problem is the Navigation display on the AID. Was not able to activate this feature even though I have all the necessary hardware and fibre optic cables installed.  Problem is the Discovery Pro firmware and EPROM is too old to support this.  We needed an update/upgrade to get it done. 

Fibre Optic Cables

For almost a month, the control module of the Discovery Pro have been sent back to Germany and driving the car is totally silent. No entertainment at all apart from talking to the wife. 

Finally, the control module came back. With several coding and adaptation, we got the map projected onto the AID.  This was done with some help from Germany online. 

Updating the control module requires a new EPROM to be inserted that will support the feature. They also flash it with the latest firmware. Now my display is in Blue, my favourite colour ! 

Now...driving the Golf VII is even more enjoyable as we can now see the navigation map and SD media title icon on the AID. Radio icon seems to be an issue though even though it is displayed on the display screen. 

One word ! SHIOK ! 

Map projection on the AID

Map view can be expanded at the expense of the smaller dials.
Not my preferred view as the small dials does not please my eyes.

Media music icon also can be displayed.
However, Radio station icons programmed for the DP cannot seem to work

25. Lowering Springs from Volkswagen 26 Oct 2017

The Golf 7 is sitting rather high for a reason. Lots of travel and comfort comes with long tall springs but looks suffer and so does handling to a certain degree.

I ventured into the world of lowering springs to achieve a better look and improved handling without too much compromise in the comfort department. 

What should I use ? There are numerous suppliers and vendors out there chanting that theirs is the best in handling, comfort and looks.  Notice that they usually have one or two part numbers to fit a variety of models. So much so, I think it would be a better bet to go along with Volkswagen engineering department which have spent extended effort to determine the best setup possible for their cars. The part numbers recommendation are confusing and there are too many part numbers to select from. 

Choosing the wrong set up or part number, you would end up with issues such as difficult handling, wrong stances, too low, too hight etc. This is an example of the complex setup

Actually, there is only one number applicable to a specific vehicle and this is tied to the vehicle's front and rear axle weight. So after a tedious study and research, I ordered a set of VW lowering springs.
I chose 5G4 071 677 B = MUB 071 675 + MUB 071 676 C = 930/890

Alot of springs  
Springs are from Mubea

Drastic Drop ! Front Springs

Rear Springs....also substantial

The shop fitted the springs in about 2 hours flat ! Pretty fast and skilled technicians from Godspeed ! 

Springs are so short, they did not have to compress them to fit the fronts 

Rear Springs fitted

Front springs fitted

Original when first received the Golf 7 in 2016

Golf 7 Retro in Oct 2017

Rear View : 17" Singapore alloy 

Rear View in Oct 2017 : 19" Santiago Alloys

My Babe Golf 

Conclusion : The ride have definitely improved. Firmer but yet not uncomfortably firm. Coupled with the Dynamic Chassis Control in Comfort mode, the ride is just nice for a Golf 7.  

Update Dec 2017 : Springs have since been removed and original placed back as the Boss did not like the lowered stance. 

27. D
river Assist : Lane Departure with OPS Self Parking and Rear Traffic Assist - 14 Feb 2018 ( back-dated update ) 

Retrofitted the new V4.0 Park Pilot/Park Assist on the Golf 7. A necessary tool for the spoiled driver like myself. 

There is a new Rear Traffic Assist function which works with the Lane Departure Assist. As described by Volkswagen here : 

The Rear Traffic Alert assists the driver, within the system’s limits, when reversing out of a parking space. Sensors in the rear bumper enable the system to monitor the lateral area behind the vehicle much earlier than the driver. If another vehicle is getting too close, an audible warning alerts the driver to the critical situation. If the driver fails to respond, the system can mitigate the potential consequences of an accident or prevent the accident in the best-case scenario by means of brake intervention where a collision is imminent.

The Rear Traffic Alert is available in combination with Blind Spot sensor or Side Assist.
Retrofitting the Lane Departure requires removal of the rear bumper to fit the sensors. The entire wing mirrors also need to be dismantled and broken down to run the connecting cable to the new mirror glass LED indicator. 

Installed the rear radar unit for the Lane Departure System

The mirror assy dismantled completely to run the additional wire set for the Lane Departure Warning LED on the mirror
During initial engine start up, the warning light would light
up as a checking procedure for the Lane Departure System

Additional control options on the HU 

Normal front OPS manual activation

The Rear Traffic Sensors reacting

The 360 deg sensor is a bonus plus to the rear camera.

Improvement have been made to the new Park Pilot Park Assist system V3.0 on the Golf 7. Unlike the V2.0 system found originally on my Passat B7, the newer system automatically triggers the display when in slow traffic situation or when in the car park around corners close to objects. This option can be controlled via the Discovery Pro screen. 

28. Upgrading Golf 7.3 Comfort Seats to GTE Sports Seat : July 2018

I have never like the Golf 7 Comfort Seats ! They look and feel is just not what I like. Compare to my 2009 GTI Mk5, the seats are just too plain. The local leather is also far from what factory provide like on the Passat B8. 

I wanted to upgrade to the sport seats from the GTI but the red threading and pattern would make the car interior look funny.  My next choice is to go for the GTD which is beige and would blend nicely into my interior. In Europe the trend of people to buy the GTI/GTD is choosing the base trim which is the famous VW Tartan design. Very difficult to find leather or higher material used sport seat in good condition and RHD.  

I decided to go for the GTE blue tartan design.  Found a seller in Europe selling parts from scrapped test vehicles.  They are not in used scrapped car business but deals in exporting/scrapping of test vehicles from Volkswagen. Ordered from their web site in good faith and crossed fingers. After about two weeks, the seats arrived. Collected them from the forwarder in Changi Air Cargo Terminal. 

How to fit this into my little Golf ?

I went with my car stripped of the rear seats and passenger seat as it is impossible to fit all the GTE seats into my little Golf 7.3 . I stripped the pallet at the terminal and fitted the other seats and carried the driver's seat back. 

Packaging was professionally done by the supplier ! 

Packed nicely and tightly....little chance of damages.

They even shipped the LHD central console which I have to throw away as it would not fit . Only retrieve the arm rest and some parts. 

As it is German law that all safety equipment cannot be sold as used, the seats came without seat belts or airbags. Believe me, it is a real PAIN swapping the seat airbags from my original seats to the GTE seats. Totally PITA ! Nevertheless, I got to learn about seat removal and disassembly plus airbag replacement. 

Rear seat...see the seat is cut ! You cannot use this broken belt. Have to swap over from the original seat. Another PITA operation. 

Temporary seat belt buckle ! 

Removed the buckle and airbag from the original seats. Practising on the original seat makes perfect fitting the airbags onto the new GTE seats. Yet, still a lot of back breaking work. 

Not for the faint hearted to do this ! 

Sliding in the airbag module needs almost total removal of the seat fabric cover ! 

The front passenger presence detector is also missing. The detector would warn the driver to have the passenger put on the seat belt. On the LHD version, the front passenger detector is on the right seat which is what the driver is sitting on.  The presence detector is a big contact mat placed "inside" the seat cushion.  So, it is not possible to remove the presence detector mat from the right side seat and put it onto the left side seat since it is not removeable.  So the only option is to swap the entire seat cushion from left to right.  I decided that it is just too much work just for the presence detection to remind the front passenger to put on the seat belt. I deleted the option for the seat belt reminder for the passenger seat.

The rear seat came with side airbags. A feature not even found on our latest GTI/R Golf 7.5 . The cost would go up when this option is added and thus not viable as a selling feature. However, as mentioned all the safety apparatus have been deleted in Germany. The side bolster which contain the airbag had it's side airbag deleted. Only the bolster can be used to add comfort to the rear seating position. Instead of the regular plastic trim which is obviously very hard, the soft cushioned side panel/bolster is a welcomed edition.....said my rear seat passengers ! 

The plastic side panel 

The "cushion" panel replacing the original plastic trim

On the left side. Added comfort welcomed by rear passengers

Only a "Airbag" for a smarter appearance. It have been deleted.

The rear side airbag installation requires a new trim to be fitted. The two trims are side by side.....the newer trim on left. 
The side trim replacement required. Left is for airbag !

When fitted, the space is for the bolster "side airbag"
Also took the opportunity to replace the rear passenger centre seat belt.  The original was intentionally cut by the German side as a preventive measure so that safety item cannot be reused. We swap the original belt mechanism from the old seat to the new.  The means that double the work to remove and reinstall is required.  Removing the rear seat centre belt mechanism is no easy task. Not for the faint heart as lots of dismantling of the entire rear seat back rest is necessary.  

The new back rest with the swapped belt installed. 

The perfectly functioning rear seat belt. What a pity !

29. Retrofitting Heater Seats on Volkswagen Golf 7.3 : Sept 2018

Is the heater seat useful in tropical hot Singapore ? I guess it is not in most cases. However for those with back ache or injuries or old tired backbones, the comfort of heat applied to the back whilst driving is a comfortable thing that only some can appreciate. 

Ladies during their "days" also love the heater seat soothing comfort for those cranky pain. My lady passengers swear by them. 

Many of the Volkswagen Trendline, Comfortline and even some Highline models do not have the heater seats fitted at factory anymore. These were common options on earlier models in the Volkswagen range but due to cost ( keeping OMV low ), VCS have deleted this option for most of the baseline models.  

Have received many inquiries about the retrofit of the seat heaters. I had made a study on the possibility of the work. Here are my findings : 

1. The heater element is not supplied as a separate part. This mean that you cannot buy the heater coil or element and replace it when it is faulty aka shorted or burned. 

2. The heater element is supplied as part of the cushion aka it is built inside the foam for the seat and back rest.  This mean that if your original heater is damaged, you need to replace the respective foam padding....i.e. seat foam or back rest foam. 

3. The heating function is performed by the Central Electric Module which is a common part in all VW cars. However, there are many variants. If the car is not originally fitted with the seat heating, the CEM supplied would be a low variant which does not have the necessary circuit to support the heating element function. 

4. The control of the heater seat is done via the Climatronic Control module. The seat icon can be seen on both side of the controller.  A new Climatronic module is needed if retrofit is to be done. 

5. Programming of the new Climatronic module is needed to enable the heater function. No additional wiring is required between the modules. 

6. Power to the CEM for the heaters is supplied from Fuse # 27 on the glove box fuse box. The fuse is supplied with 12 volt power but no wiring to the CEM. A good gauge wire need to be added from the fuse box to the CEM connector. 

In conclusion, it would be a costly exercise to retrofit the heater seat considering the above requirements. No a viable task unless it a die-die requirement for the heater seat to be available. 

My 2015 Golf Mk VII did not come with the heater seats much to my disappointment when I first purchased it. Seems that even on the EQP version, the heater have been deleted. 

I have replaced my seats with the GTE seats from Germany. They came with heaters. I had also replaced the CEM on my Golf when I upgraded to the Golf R Headlights . So, all I need was the wiring to connect the seats to the CEM and a new Climatronic controller. 

Retrofitting the GTE which have heater as standard

Entry or Mid level models have the heater seat omitted 

CBX retrofitted electric heater seat on Golf 7.3

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