Footwell & Puddle Light Kit

29 September 2013 : LED Therapy Light 

Using a special series of LED light stripes....we can change the light moods in the footwell via a remote control.


Retrofitting the footwell lights on the Jetta 6 is technicall impossible as VW have not designed the Jetta6 with footwell lighting.

There is no provision to install the lights for the front footwell on the passenger or driver side.  However, on the seats, there is a hole provided on the seat base made by VW by default.

Even on the wiring diagrams, there are no circuits provided for the Jetta to install the footwell lights.  So techically, the footwell lights on the Jetta 6 do not exist and would not work.

We found a way around this....install all the front footwell lights and also get the MFD to control the ambience lighting whilst driving....i.e. you can dim the footwell lights down from full bright 100% to 10%

Front Passenger original VW Footwell Light fitted

Driver's side footwell light fitted above accelerator pedal

Control of Ambience Light via Footwell light from the MFD screen

Update 1 Aug 2012

LED Door Puddle Light Inserts
These are for vehicles already fitted with door puddle lights. These inserts would brighten up the floor area with WHITE light and also enhance the RED warning light.

Set of 4 LED inserts

Two Set of Lights...>Frontal Red, Lower White

Footwell Light Kit
Suitable for most models.
Usually fitted under dashboard/front seats
Dimming can be controlled from the Multi Function Display.
Ambience function can also be achieve on later models.

Factory Prepared Cavity for Original Foot Well Light Assembly

Original FootWell Light Fitted on Passenger Seat ( for Rear Foot Well Lighting )

Lighting Up Rear Passenge Foot Well

Touran Door Puddle Kit