Dynaudio Retrofit

Retrofitting Dynaudio Sound System

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20 Jan 2016

Another Sharan retrofitted with CBX Dynaudio kit within a day. Ordering of the parts required 2 weeks though.

17 Nov 2015 

We retrofitted the first Sharan 7N with the Dynaudio kit today. 

The original speakers from the Sharan are manufactured in China. They did not sound bad but there is something in complete with the sound quality. 

300 Watt 8 Channel/8 Speaker Dynaudio Kit from Denmark

Front Door

May 2015 : First Jetta 6 with Dynaudio 

A bro migrated from the Golf 5 after 5 years of ownership and upgraded to the new Jetta Mark 6.  He had the Dynaudio 10 channel 600 Watts system on his Golf 5 and is determined to have the same system on his new Highline Jetta. Unfortunately, the 10 channel system does not fit the Jetta 6 but the 8 channel 300 watt system would.  We proceeded with the upgrade ! 

The sound produced is blissful and the customer is happy with the tremendous improvement over the Made In Mexico/China speakers ! 

The Front Door Dynaudio speaker 

The large Dyanudio Tweeters produced crisp clear treble notes !  
The MIC tweeter is dwarfed by the Dynaudio tweeter 

Similarly, the rear speaker is installed

The 300 Watts 8 Channel amplifier is hidden under the passenger seat

A handsome cover is placed over it and helps protect it from kicking feet ! 

Fitted the Dynaudio on my Jetta6 from Jimmy in May 2015. Not a newbie to this Dynaudio anyway as I had it installed on my previous Golf5 before. The main reasons and motivation for the Dynaudio solution, at least my own considerations, was that it does away with all unnecessary cutting of additional holes, boards, reinforced with more wooden boards, laying of cables everywhere, crossovers, bridging, poking a hole through the engine area to access the battery for the add-on Amp etc...I think you get the picture if you ever done any audio 'upgrading' at any audio shops before. The Dynaudio is a simple, effective, straight forward solution and fully suitable for VW cars. All the connections for speakers and Amp and its fitting access are already present in the car. To summarize, it's just plug and play, no unnecessary cutting or intrusion to your ride anywhere. And the sound quality is remarkable and a great joy to hear the clarity and bass from eight individual channels to the eight speakers in my Jetta6.
Haven't got the point yet? Then by all means, opt for the unnecessary intrusion, cutting, bridging, crossover etc you can get from any audio shop.
To me, its worth the money and peace of mind that everything works as designed by VW via the Dynaudio option.

24 Dec 2014 : Christmas Gift for the Wife : Dynaudio on Tiguan 2009

This Tiguan customer wanted to improve the sound quality of his original VW hifi.  There is no other system that is tailored for the Tiguan that can produce the correct sound quality without the hassle of the bulky amplifier, cutting the door panel/metal frame, running miles of wires, splicing or cutting the original harness and avoiding all the error codes on the car computer. 

Had enough of the Chinese replica RNS510 and opted for the Real McCoy RNS510 !  

Dynaudio is the one and only for the Tiguan.

Brand new speakers from Dynaudio

Brand new 300 watts amplifier, base plate and cover.

A special harness is used to connect the 8 channel / 8 speaker system

All the original speakers were drilled out of the doors
Sound is crisp and clear from these big base 6.5" speakers

Dynaudio for Tiguan

Speakers are riveted back onto the panel

New harness connection is neat and tidy ! 

 Dynaudio speaker versus stock speaker 

Special Dynaudio Wiring Harness 

Tweeters for the Golf 6 models

Golf 6  Tweeters  ....stock vs Dynaudio

Mids mounted on the Jetta and Golf5/EOS models 
Mids on Jetta Door Panel
Fitting the Dynaudio speakers........ 

Mounted on the door

Drilling out the old speaker rivets

Fitting Dynaudio Harness onto the door connector....

Adding in the new speaker wires on connector

Removal of connector to access to pins

Passat Front Door Speakers without Mid Speakers

Passat Dynaudio vs Stock Front Speaker

Accessories Needed
Speaker door connectors required (part of kit)

Retrofitting of Dynaudio on Passat CC 2011

Base with Mid Range Fitted !

Siow Yang....happy on the job ... Adding the Self Parking Sensors 

Hwa Yang....doing the finishing touches

UPDATE : 21 August 2012
Upgrading B6 Passat to the B7 Door Tweeter.....

Upgrading for Passat B6 Door Insignia

24 November 2012 : Jetta Mark 6 Speaker System Retrofit

Removed the speaker system from a brand new Jetta Mark 6.  Much my surprise, the entire speaker system is Made In China.  Sound is pretty decent actually. 

Will the Dynaudio Kit fit this vehicle ? 

Front Door Opening 

Rear Door Opening 

Door Speakers

Rear Door Tweeter Location 

Rear Door Tweeter

Front Tweeter Located on A-Pillar

Door Spearkers 

All Door Speakers : Same Size and Part Numbers.