Xenon Light Retrofitting : Original Volkswagen

27 March 2015 : Passat B7 1.4  Upgrade Xenon AFS Headlights

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We upgraded this Passat 1.4 with the Adaptive Forward Light System ( AFS ) with auto leveling and curved lights. 

The original halogen lights are removed and in it's place, these beautiful LED Daytime Running Lights Xenon headlights are installed.  Full features including DRL control via MFD,  LED light intensity according to driving conditions, auto leveling depending on vehicle loading, bent light on vehicle speed, cornering light via fog lights, main/high beam (Bi-Xenon) etc. 

Low Beam

High Beam


26 September 2014 : Another Touran Upgraded 

Edmund's upgraded Touran have been further enhanced with the factory Adaptive Forward Lighting ( AFS ) Xenon headlights !

Hyper bright LED DRL 

Customer upgrade cornering light to Philips Diamond Vision White

Light so bright, we had to dim the background !

A happy Touran customer ! Edmund looking at other upgrade ! :-)

7 August 2014

This customer upgraded his base halogen headlights with the usual extreme white bulbs which are actually tinted halogen bulbs. This make the light appear whiter but it is actually dimmer as the lights are filtered to change the light spectrum. Then he took the extreme step to convert the bulb to High Intensive Discharge bulbs from China.  These were 6000K bulbs.  However, the glare is terrible. Getting caught by LTA would mean a S$750 fine.

Went for the ultimate upgrade with a step into the Volkswagen original Xenon Adaptive Forward-lighting System (AFS) .....these lights move with the vehicle round corner to throw the lights into the corner according to the vehicle speed and steering wheel turning.  This function can be switched off via the MFD control. 

They also have cornering lights which would light up when the steering are turned ( headlights must be switched on ) to light up the path for the driver.  Signalling would also trigger the cornering light to light up in low speed driving...

High and Low beam employ the same Xenon bulb operated via a shutter system.  

12 Dec 2013 : Touran Retrofitted Xenon Adaptive Forward Lighting 

We retrofitted this base Touran with the Adaptive Forward Lighting System....AFS or Curve Light.  It has Daytime Running Lights in LED, rear load level sensors, High Light/Low Light via Xenon D1S bulb, Cornering Lights  etc. 

Adaptive Check Procedure : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4inE1V-VeI

DRL with  Low/High Light Xenon and Cornering Light

DRL Operation 

The enhanced look of the Base Touran......next upgrade : Colour Instrument Cluster ? 

Retrofitting TIGUAN AFS : Adaptive Forward Lighting System ( Bend Light )

We fitted a 2013 Tiguan with the AFS Bend Lights.
 A relative straight forward install except for the Basic Setting requirement.  It is impossible currently using the VCDS to do.....unfortunately.

Replacement of the Central Electric Module ( CEM or BCM ) is not required.  The rear levelling sensor, harness, range module, headlights with LED module, Xenon ballast, can bus cabling and related parts are contained in the kit.

Retrofitting a customer's new Touran with the original VW DRL Xenon Adaptive Forward Light plus Fog Lamps

Xenon Originales from VW OEM supplier....comprises of two head lights, range controller, rear level sensor, Central Electric Module, wire harnesses.....

Fog Lamp Trim with Ring

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