Self Parking System

Update 25 Sept 2014

Yet another Touran retrofitted with the Sport Package consisting of colour cluster, flat bottom R steering, optical parking with V2.

Here are the video of the V2 Self Parking in operation.

3 August 2014
Another first for CBX..... 2010 Jetta Mark 5 with Optical Parking System Version 2 retrofitted.  This allow lateral ( parallel ) parking and reverse parking for the car.  As usual, customer is getting this for his wife.....

However, because the instrument cluster hardware is older, it cannot display the Reverse Parking illustration but works just the same as the button is depressed twice.  Meaning that only the illustration is not changed but the car manoeuvre itself into reverse parking when button is pressed the second time. Pressing the button first time, the usual Lateral ( Parallel ) Parking is illustrated.

OPS and Self Parking Switch Mounted

Update 29 June 2014

Andy's Jetta Mk VI  is the first to have the installation of the Optical Parking System with Version 2 Self Parking.

I would believe that this is the only Jetta 6 with the V2 Self Parking OPS in Singapore and Malaysia ?

The new OPS Sensors are too small for the holes made by the local reverse sensors.  The position is also wrongly positioned per original locations.  
We left the two sensors there ( wire cutted ) . 
An option is to cover up the hole and respray bumper.

Self Parking via Lateral / Parallel Park

Reverse Parking 

Update 3 May 2014

My first Touran OPS and V2 Self Parking installed on a Comfort Touran Diesel Blue Motion. 

Nice Parallel and Reverse parking operation.  The customer was very pleased with the new found Optical Parking System plus the Self Parking options !

The Blue Motion Stop Start feature had interfered with the operation and need to be switched off in order to get the system to work properly or put aircon at maximum.  The constant cutting off on the engine ended the attempt to park the vehicle.    

Showed customer the ease of the features....a Happy Customer ! 

Cutting the holes required

Laying the special harness for the front and rear bumpers

Holes all ready 

Rear Self Parking Sensors Ready 

Front Self Parking Sensors
Rear harness connection

Fitting the control module and switches

Update 31 Dec 2013

A Jetta Mk5 got his first taste of the Optical Parking System with the Version 1.5 Self Park installed on his 2010 ride 
Boring the hole for the Front OPS sensors

The front mounted sensors....

The Self Parking Assist Sensor
Full House Flush ! Customer included the TDMS after reading of my repeated experience with road hazards !

All connected and ready for operation ! 

Update November 2013

Retrofitted this OPS V1.5 on a Red Scirocco ! Had a ball of a time trying to release the bonnet.  The release cable was dislodged ! Took almost 3 hours to release the bonnet so that we could start our retrofit.  Here is the video taken by my customer of the demo....this is a first for a Malaysian registered Scirocco with Front and Rear Optical Parking System plus V1.5 Self Parking

Upgrade for OPS on Golf 5/6 with V1.5 Self Parking

The Optical Parking System on standard equipped Golf 6 can be upgraded with this kit for the V1.5 Self Parking system.

My Golf 5 GTI 2009 which have been retrofitted earlier with the OPS have been upgraded with this V1.5 kit by replacing the control module, add two side parking sensors, harness.....

Self Parking Button fitted on the Central Console.

Side Parking Sensors Mounted.

Retrofitting the V2 Self Park on Passat B7/CC and Tiguan

Replacing the Central Console switch assembly

Mounting the front side Park Steer sensor

Mounting the rear side Park Steer sensor

The display on the RNS/RCD of the all round sensor....

The trajectory camera display on the RNS510...

Video of the trajectory lines moving as the steering is turned and also the display of the 360 degree radar sensors ( 12 sensors )

Retrofitting the V1.5 Self Park Steer on Jetta6

The first Jetta 6 with Self Parking in operation :

Self Parking done on Jetta 6 
Self Parking and OPS sensors mounted on Jetta Mark 6 Bumper
Side Sensor for Self Parking 
Control Switches for Self Park and Frontal Parking

VW Self Parking Version 1.5 is available for retrofitting on most VW cars. 

The Self Park System is a compliment of the existing Optical Parking System on the vehicle.

SELF PARK on Passat CC

Passat CC Self Park - MarkSim

Tiguan on Self Park OPS - SAM

Two additional side sensors are fitted on the front bumper. Total there would be 8 OPS sensors and 2 SPS sensors. 

A different module and wiring harness is needed. 

Have retrofitted a Passat CC with the add on Self Parking System. Here are the details :

Side Sensors Fitted on the Front Bumper

Side Sensors Mounted Inside the Front Bumper

A new SPS/OPS switch is installed

When the vehicle is along a row of vehicles on the left side of the road, depressing the SPS switch would activate the SPS display on the MFD. The vehicle is driven along the parked vehicles and the side sensor ( left ) would measure the distance between the parked vehicles.

Upon reaching an empty lot, the sensors would measure the distance of the lot.

When lot is found suitable, the MFD display would change and the driver would be shown this symbol and request to engage Reverse mode....

Instruction on the MFD would inform driver that SPS would be taking over....and ask if it is safe to proceed !

The driver have to moderate the brake application to control the speed of vehicle performing the SPS.  At the same time, the OPS would display the necessary information on the how close the vehicle is approaching the parked vehicles. Driver have to determine the safe distance..... 

When completed....