Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Original Alarm System for VW Scirocco Golf Tiguan Touran

9 April 2013 : Tiguan Alarm Retrofit 

Fit the VW Anti Theft/Tow/Intrusion Alarm Kit on Tiguan 2012 model.

Replacing the original Roof Light Module with the new Tilt/Intrusion module

Siren Confirmation for Door Locking/Unlocking controlled via MFD

Retrofitting the original VW alarm system is very possible now.  The equipment involved :
Original Siren Horn with Intrusion/Tilt Sensor Module 
 A special custom made harness is required to connect the component to the vehicle's immobiliser system. Programming and enabling of the vehicle's electronics would be done via Vagcom.

The Anti Theft Alarm System would then be fully functional with monitoring to any  intrusion via window glass breakage, door, trunk or engine hood opening, tilting of vehicle during to remove wheels or towing of vehicle, removal of main battery and  in combination with the factory fitted immobiliser key system/dead bolt lock system, the vehicle would be very well protected against the typical criminals.

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