Sunday, 2 December 2012

Aftermarket Auto Folding Mirror Modification

I don't do this and don't want to do this ! It is an abuse to the car and would really void the car warranty system.

Out in the open market, it is possible to fit the auto folding feature of the wing mirror upon switching off / on ignition can be done and there are kits available in the market generally from China and Taiwan. It consist of a relay module and requires the by passing of the original wiring from the folding mirror switch.  This, inevitably requires the CUTTING of the original wires to allow the bypass surgery. 

Found this on a customer's car when I opened up the door panels because his wing mirrors were not working.  Very disheartening to see this done to the wire of the vehicle.  The customer is not aware of this though. Suggested that he go back to the workshop that did this was beyond me.

So be warned.
This is a Chinese product...we found this behind the door panel all wrapped up in carpet material to prevent rattle 

The module is connected directly to the door  control module via wire bypass.
The add on module control relays. The wires are filled with hot glue to prevent water ingress. 

The blue connectors shows the original wires cut and bypassed to the control module.

So sad to see this done to the car's electrical system. 

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