Saturday, 2 March 2013

VW CC Door Puddle Lights

CC Door Puddle Lights

The CC have never had door puddle lights fitted even from factory. As least I have not seen them on our shores.  

Come the new CC, I have seen the front door fitted with door puddle lights in the VW showroom.  But the rear door is still with the reflector clip on. 

Met a customer with the 2012 CC but there were no puddle lights fitted. So, we did the front lights with the understanding that the rear is not possible as in the older Passat CC.  

Nevertheless, we opened up the rear door and found that the door module have been changed and is similar to the B7 door module.  Tried the coding and found that the module accepted the puddle lights to be fitted. 

On the door panel, the plastic panel had a blind hole moulded and fitting the light would be impossible. We had to cut out the blind hole to allow the lights to be held in place. 

The new module and connector

The blind hole moulded on the door panel.
The reflector is fitted in front of the blind hole. 

The CC with the rear door puddle light fitted. 

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