Monday, 13 May 2013

Scirocco Bumper Mounted Camera

Original VW Rear View Camera for Scirocco

The rear view camera option for the Scirocco is limited to either the aftermarket licence light camera or the original bumper mounted camera.  

We installed the original bumper mounted camera as follow 
1. Remove rear bumper
2. Follow marking behind bumper & cut out a 30mm by 30mm square hole between the two licence lights
3. Fit factory provided harness behind bumper and run it along the sides to the Head Unit in front. 
4. Program HU to recognize the presence of the camera.
5. Engage Reverse Gear with hatch closed. 
6. Picture appears and stays on until vehicle is moving up to 15 kmph forward or deactivated manually.

Rear View display on RNS510 . Guide lines are fixed. The  top of Licence Plate is clearly visible 

Camera sits between licence lights ( Removal is impossible without bumper dismounted )

As viewed from below 

Small and slim profile view from the rear.

Camera with water proof harness and extension cable to HU

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