Saturday, 29 June 2013

Polo 6R : Emblem Camera Made In China

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A good customer requested that I assist in the installation of a Polo 6R emblem camera.  I was under the impression that was an original VW emblem camera.

To my surprise, a Made In China emblem camera greeted me.

The camera is actually meant for the Golf 6 model.  As such, the mounting points on the camera and that on the Polo 6R rear hatch do not match. There is no possibility of securing the camera to the hatch.

Out came a clever guide from Spain and a special CNC   produced bracket which secures the camera body to the hatch.  Clever but one of the mounting screw was too tall for the camera to be secured. It was preventing part of the camera from being mounted back onto the housing.  Had to do without that mounting screw for the moment.....the owner would acquire a flat head screw separately and get it installed. Really uncomfortable with the missing screw.

After some struggle, we managed to secure the camera and drain pipe to the hatch with only two of the three screws.  Remember that the camera itself is a Golf 6 version and is held in place with this special bracket.

Connected the camera to the vehicle using a Kufatec IMA Reverse Camera module which was originally installed for his Licence Light Camera.

A good learning experience !

The rear view display of the camera on the RNS510 is pretty decent but some work still need when compared to the original camera. I would think it is good bang for the buck though.

Personally, I would prefer to use the original VW camera. The special bracket would come in really handy though.

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