Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Super Modification for Antenna Connector

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A brother here bought a used VW and found it to be fitted with a Pioneer Head Unit.  He complained to the radio shop that the reception was bad...alot of static noise and cannot receive his favorite stations properly. They told him....

"It is like that one...stations here not very good transmission so it is okay....don't worry "

Brought his car to me and ask for my advice.  Took out the set and found this super antenna modification which combines the best of both world in the VW dual antenna concept and made it into one. Suppose to be an unification plan based on the blueprint for North and South Korea....  :-) :-)

The modification is simple. Just cut the two antenna and join them into as one !

At the end, he reverted back to the good old RNS510.  Had to re-modify the damaged antenna connector and put back to original set up. Made use of a new adapter antenna extension from Kufatec to do the mod. Eventually, he got back perfect reception and controls/display on his MFD.  Explained the working of the RNS510 and he was totally amazed by the functions of the set.

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