Thursday, 11 July 2013

Media Device Interface MDI on Volkswagen Jetta Mark 6

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The Media Device Interface MDI is retrofitted on this Mark 6 Jetta via the glove box compartment. Unlike the Golf 6 where a loose cable is protruding from the compartment, the Jetta 6 have the MDI module mounted directly behind the glove compartment.

The IPOD cable is plug into the module from in front.  Also can fit the USB cable to this same port.

Device display can be viewed from the MFD or HU ( RCD310, 510 or RNS510 ) and can be controlled directly from the HU or steering wheel control buttons.  It also charges the devices plugged in.

The blank insert can be cut out to expose the area for the MDI  mounting
After removal of the blank insert, the MDI is mounted from behind the glove box. 

The Ipod device or Iphone can be plugged in directly. 

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