Saturday, 14 September 2013

Cross Stitching My DSG Shifter Boot

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To match my GTI Steering wheel on the Passat B6, I decided to make the shifter look more matching.

Bought some nice bloody red threads and a cross stitching tool. Total cost $4.70 .  Total time taken....2 hours.

Wanted to stitch over the original black thread originally but gave up because it was very difficult to punch through the holes with the rather thick cross stitching tool.  So...used a cross stitching method I learnt from Kit, my Guru !

Before : Plain Black 

After : Racing Red ! 

If you think that this is time consuming and tough, see what my Guru Kit did for his Golf !  After 6 months...he completed his front seats ! 

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  1. Strictly DIY only. This is a very laborious job for anyone to do. Just an idea for folks who want to do some improvement to their interior. After my DSG shifter, I already have headache.... LOL !