Sunday, 9 March 2014

Chrome Window Trims on Jetta Mark 6

Replacing the original black rubber window trims with the new VW Chrome window trims on this black Jetta Mark 6 is stunningly outstanding !

Removal or installation of the front door window trims requires that the wing mirror and door panel to be removed.  The rear doors do not require this procedure.  Removing the old trims, it is inevitable to damage them unless they are pried out carefully but chances of damage to the paint work or door body is likely.
Since the old trims are to be discarded, they are pulled out directly.

PS : Any theft attempt on the chrome trims would also result in the same bent trims when forcefully removed.  The front trims would be impossible to remove.

Removal of the original rubber trim would inevitable damage it

Wing mirror must also be removed before trim

Wing Mirror sits on the trim

The door trim must be removed first before the wind mirror can be removed. 
New Chrome Trim installed

Removal of the trim is impossible with Wing Mirror removal

Front and Rear Door Trims matching at B Pillar

On another White Jetta 6

Comparing the original Rubber Moulding and the Chrome Trim

A full view

The finished product

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