Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Base Touran Conversion Cluster to Sport Version Colour MFD Cluster

30 April 2014 : Another Touran Upgrade ! 

Another Touran uncle upgraded his Comfort Touran with the Colour MFD Cluster. Unfortunately, he had fitted an aftermarket HU. As such, he cannot get to see the Navigation or Radio/Media display on the MFD. He has the original VW TPMS High retrofitted though ! 

22 April 2014 : Enabling Convenience Menu

Coding of the Central Electric Module, we enabled the base Touran converted colour MFD Cluster to have the Convenience Menu displayed.  Customer is now able to control the Lights Function, Door Unlocking, Wing Mirror lowering, Window Operation, etc. 

We converted this Base Touran with a simple On Board Computer White cluster to a colour Multi Function Display (MFD) Instrument Cluster. 

Previously, the owner could only view the OBC data ( On Board Computer ) on the screen via the control on the wiper stock. 

He upgraded the steering module and steering wheel with Multi-Function Control Switches....and he was able to control the radio stations and volume on the left side switches.  

The right side up/down switches could mover the OBC data up and down but cannot show any other screen because of the simple entry level display. The left/right switches were none functioning.

We installed this colour MFD Highline cluster to allow the full viewing of all the display data such as Navigation,  On Board computer data, Vehicle Data, Door Open Status,  Radio and Media.  

We can also include information such a Bluetooth Telephone, TPMS High display, Driver Fatigue Detection, etc. 

We could also change the language display to Chinese.  Maximum speed limit of the instrument cluster have also been increased from 240 kph to 280 kph. Staging of the needles during initial engine start up is also a default standard. The Red pointer needles are default but an option to have them as Blue is also available.

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  1. I am the owner of this Touran base, the MFD is being upgraded by Jimmy. He is able to do the upgrade of MDF which others WSs do not want to do so, even VCS. After the upgrade, the convenience, light & vision menus are not shown on the display which my Touran's Body Control Module should support. Jimmy did the search and I went back second time to activate it SUCCESSFULLY. Thanks Jimmy for letting me to have a chance to use/view most of the function found in Touran sport. Think this upgrade is definitely worth it as it upgrades from MFD lowline to MFD premium (colour LCD), skipping the highline MFD. Hope everyone find my 2 cents review useful. Enjoy!