Sunday, 18 May 2014

Colour Cluster Upgrade for Tiguan 2009

18 May 2014
A customer's to enhance his beloved SUV ! The old cluster is RED and the steering wheel from the old 8 buttons lorry style steering !

We upgrade the steering with the Golf R steering with Red Thread and  Premium Colour Cluster MFD.  Need to upgrade the steering wheel module to enable all the steering function buttons to work.  Now moving between the screen forward or backward is possible unlike the old RED cluster which is only clockwise rotation.

Update RNS510 to link it to the new BAP cluster.  Full Compass view in fabulous blue !  Lovely sight.

Next upgrade for him....2014 Tiguan DSG shifter with RED thread ?  Wonder if it is available.  His current 747 jumbo jet landing gear needs to be modified though.

Waking Up Sleeping Beauty

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