Thursday, 12 June 2014

Jetta Mark 6 : Basic Model Upgrade to Premium

Finally we have a Jetta Mark 6 in the Colour Cluster family.....

Replacing the cluster requires removing the entire middle/right aircon vent housing together with the instrument cluster hood.   Believe is not as easy as it was described in the workshop manual from VW !

Fitting the colour MFD cluster into a basic Jetta would require the steering module replaced.  Adding in the Cruise Control is a nice feature for the base model upgrade !

End of the day, the new Golf R steering works perfectly controlling the display of Navigation, Media, Driver Information, Telephone !  Best of all, owner gets to change the setting via his new steering wheel options that he never had before.....central locking option choices, anti-theft locking/unlocking confirmation via horn, DRL on/off, comfort signal, etc. he know which door is open and which is closed !  LOL !

A happy customer and Jetta 6 Premium owner !

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