Friday, 7 November 2014

Auxiliary Cluster on Golf Mk5 GTI

The Auxiliary Display Cluster on the 2015 Scirocco
As on the 2009 Mark 5 GTI Golf 

I hate the top central dashboard air vent of the Mark 5 Golf / Jetta.  It is really useless and IMO very ugly.

I replaced the vent with the dashboard tray from the Base Golf which is kind of handy. Used it to store small stuffs which would not roll across the dashboard during cornering. 

However, it does not look quite right on the GTI.....somehow it is not fitting, out of place or in another word....too plain. 

When the Beetle first came up with the Auxiliary Meter Display, the idea came upon me to do it for my Babe but the Red Needles did not look right. Then came the 2015 Scirocco ! The look is absolute dashing ! I want and needed it badly ! So, the quest began. 

The Beetle Aux Display in 2012 - Red Needle does not match my GTI theme

2015 Scirocco Aux Display Top Sport Version in Blue Needle Gauge

Installed on the Mk5 GTI Golf 2009 - Day View

Night View 

Day View

After completing the install, almost everything worked according to plan....Oil Temperature Gauge, Stop Watch ( triggers upon acceleration ), Timer and Digital Clock.............all but the Turbo Gauge.  The required message is not transmitted onto the CAN Bus by the ECM.  Need to work on this.....

Nevertheless I love the new look !  

Will this work on other VW models ?  Especially the Turbo Gauge ? Would need to do a test on the car itself. For sure, the TG would not work on the earlier cars. 

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