Friday, 27 February 2015

Passat B6 Dynamic Chassis Control : Electronic Suspension

Passat B6 3C Dynamic Chassis Control 

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Took the bold step to upgrade my 5 year old Passat B6 to the Volkswagen Electronic Suspension System aka Dynamic Chassis Control. 

I cannot imagine what the others have described about the DCC on their rides until I got it fitted on my workhorse Passat. 

It is like floating on a magic carpet above the road ! I get the soft comfy yet very controlled COMFORT mode, the very sporty handling SPORTS mode just like my previous Bilstein B6 set up and the in between NORMAL mode. Handling feel is also enhanced. 

The DCC can be fitted on the Golf, Passat, Tiguan and Touran.  

1. Electrical Harness

Using original connectors, pin connectors and quality automotive wiring cables, we put together a wiring harness for the DCC kit. Length of the harness is measured for the Passat according to the location of the control unit to the various sensors and absorbers. 

Connector for Controller 

Wiring assignment carefully designated

DCC Controller Connector 

Specially fabricated harness for Passat B6
Original Pin Connectors with ECU quality wires
Installing the Controller with support bracket and harness

Running the harness beside factory installed harness
Running into the wheel well via original factory grommet 
Rear Level Sensor

Rear Right DDC Absorber

Front Right Absorber

Rear Left Absorber

DCC option : NORMAL displayed on MFD

DCC option : SPORT

My favorite Option : COMFORT

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