Sunday, 13 March 2016

2009 Passat CC Upgrade

This 2009 Passat CC was coming to age and Tony decided to spruce it up with some new life ! An upgrade to the old steering wheel ( without pedals ) , shifter, cluster and local parking system was decided.

We installed the Golf 6 GTI steering with red thread and converted the 747 Jumbo Jet landing gear shifter to this GTI DSG shifter with red boot thread.  For the cluster, we changed it to the 3D colour cluster with red dials. Installed a new RNS510 and VW Bluetooth system along the way.

The locally fitted front and rear parking system was a pain. It was not even working and Tony had no idea what it was suppose to do.  We converted the front and rear sensors ( 8 sensors ) using the original holes already drilled on the bumpers to work with the factory Optical Parking System OPS. He was totally amazed that the OPS could function like it is and display the distance on the RNS510 screen during head in or reversing operations.

New steering, shifter, cluster, head unit entertainment and bluetooth telephony upgrades

From the Jumbo Jet 747 Landing Gear shifter to the slick GTI ball shifter 

Full colour MFD with original VW bluetooth telephony 

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