Saturday, 5 November 2016

Golf R Double U-DRL Xenon Headlights

Golf R Double U DRL Xenon Headlights 

Volkswagen have several different Xenon Headlights which are differentiated by the stripe inside the headlamp. 

The common Xenon single U found on all the 1.4 Sports version are with a bright chrome stripe, the more exotic GTI is naturally with a red stripe, the Golf R is with a mat stripe and the Golf-E which is a LED headlight is with a blue stripe. There even a yellow stripe design for the Golf R 400

E-Golf Blue Stripe

Golf R 400 Yellow Stripe
Initially, I wanted to fit the E-Golf headlights because of the bright LED headlight function but dropped the idea because of the absence of the double U-DRL feature. 

Imported the RHD Golf R headlights directly from Germany.....fresh from the oven. 

Fresh from Germany VW warehouse....RHD Golf R Headlights

There 4 modules under the lights.

It is not possible to fit the AFS headlights on the vehicle without replacing the BCM which controls the AFS/2xU-DRL function. The original BCM does not support this function. Replacing the BCM was a nightmare. Not easy but not impossible. An adapter harness is required to connect up the new AFS headlights to the new BCM. 

Original AG vs AJ BCM

After fitting the lights !

Full LED Signal lights

Full Bright either on Auto Mode or Full-time on 

Hello Sexy ! 

So sexy ! Double U-DRL

After coding, controls are made on the Discover Pro's Light Assistance 

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