Sunday, 17 September 2017

Navigation Map Projection onto AID (Advanced Info Display)

1st Sept 2017 : Map Projection onto Active Info Display Cluster  Golf 7

The journey never ends....always something to play with the lovely Golf VII 1.4 TSi. My epic journey is described here

Having completed the Discovery Pro retrofit on the Golf 7, went on to retrofit the AID Cluster early this year. 

The AID Cluster is the best retrofit that I have done so far and it is not only functional but an eye-candy for me each time I am in the Golf ! Really really enjoy this AID Cluster. 

Problem is the Navigation display on the AID. Was not able to activate this feature even though I have all the necessary hardware and fibre optic cables installed.  Problem is the Discovery Pro firmware and EPROM is too old to support this.  We needed an update/upgrade to get it done. 

Fibre Optic Cables

For almost a month, the control module of the Discovery Pro have been sent back to Germany and driving the car is totally silent. No entertainment at all apart from talking to the wife. 

Finally, the control module came back. With several coding and adaptation, we got the map projected onto the AID.  This was done with some help from Germany online. 

Updating the control module requires a new EPROM to be inserted that will support the feature. They also flash it with the latest firmware. Now my display is in Blue, my favourite colour ! 

Now...driving the Golf VII is even more enjoyable as we can now see the navigation map and SD media title icon on the AID. Radio icon seems to be an issue though even though it is displayed on the display screen. 

One word ! SHIOK ! 

Map projection on the AID

Map view can be expanded at the expense of the smaller dials.
Not my preferred view as the small dials does not please my eyes.

Media music icon also can be displayed.
However, Radio station icons programmed for the DP cannot seem to work

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