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Accessories List

Updated Nov 2017


The original Volkswagen Dynaudio High Fidelity Sound System can be retrofitted on most Volkswagen. Details of the work done can be found here 

DSG Shifter Assembly 

The latest automatic gear shifters can retrofitted to the earlier side shifters.  Details are here 

Reverse Parking Camera Kit

There are several option for the installation of the reverse rear view camera on Volkswagen cars not originally fitted at factory.  
Details can be found here.

Suitable for installation for Jetta Mark 6, Touran, Tiguan, Touareg only ( see Video )

Trajectory Camera KitSuitable for installation for Jetta Mark 6, Touran, Tiguan, Touareg only 

Volkswagen Sports Steering Wheel 

The Golf 6 style steering wheels are suitable for most VW models...Polo, Jetta Mk5/6, Golf Mk5, Passat B6, B7, Touran, Tiguan. Various thread and trims are available. For more details follow this link
Grey Thread Flat Bottom

Original Volkswagen Bluetooth Kit Premium

This module will only work on white/colour screen MFD
The Volkswagen Bluetooth module offers very clear and precise phone conversation without any distortion or interference. 

Voice Dial feature is standard on these set. Stereo A2DP music streaming is also standard. More details available here 

Colour Instrument Cluster 

Colour MFD cluster for VW cars can now be installed on most models. Details are here
Passat Colour MFD Instruement Cluster
Colour MFD cluster on Golf/Tiguan/Jetta

Colour Instrument Cluster Replacement 

We can replace the colour cluster of your VW car ! 

More details :

Summary Links :

1. Passat B6 Emblem Camera

2. Passat B7 Electric Folding Mirror Retrofit

3. Tire Deflation Monitoring TDMS

4. Tire Pressure Monitory TPMS

5. Adaptive Forward Lighting Retrofit Touran

6. Adaptive Forward Lighting Retrofit Tiguan

I am Jimmy CBX and Volkswagen Tweaking is my profession ! 
  • I am a specialist in Volkswagen cars only since 2009.
  • I am driven by the passion for Volkswagen car tweaking. 
  • I provide on site services at your choice of venue - 7 days/week
  • I am into this job as a profession.  Not doing this on stolen employer's time or evening/weekends only.
  • I have 27 years of automotive engineering experience behind me.
  • I provide personalised services to all my customers....doing 99% of the work personally except major jobs requiring workshop facilities.
  • I own a Volkswagen and understand what it means to be an owner. 
Contact Number : 
+65 91777305 ( Singapore )

Email :

Facebook : 

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  1. Bro you delivered flawlessly and beyond everytime. Definitely have my vote of confidence. Thumbs up!!

  2. Had Jimmy fixing up the OPS and Trajectory camera and it was amazingly easy to parallel park. Quality of the works was good. And the upgrade of the Postal Code of the GPS was extremely helpful. Would recommend his services to all in future. Upz!!!

  3. oops.. forgot, my ride is a Jetta MK6....

  4. Hi Jimmy

    Thanks for your help in making my Golf Sports Mk6 a better equipped and shiok car with the RNS, RVC, 'R' Sports Steering, Floor lights.
    Purchasing from Jimmy is always a pleasure and
    an informed process as he never pressures you
    but shares information to help you make yr own
    informed decision. The bonus is he gives gd service and rest assured that he is around to help you answer noob questions or rectify any stuff if you need. He is a one man mobile VW acessories centre

  5. Bro CBX thanks for fixing my licence light problem which cleared away the error light. You have proven again that nothing is impossible. Next: my airbags fault!
    Mods done by CBX so far: RNS510, VIM, Mk6 chrome switches, LED lights (interior + exterior) waiting for Fiscon! Bro always remember I'm one of your loyal customers!

  6. What more can I add? When it comes to original aftermarket OEM for your loved VW, there is only one name --JIMMY!

    Jimbo -- sorry to hear bout that VAG nonsense. Not too worry, word of mouth is still best, and we in Boliaoland always happy to support and recommend you bro!


    -sApRoKo in VagSg / matsalo in VCM / Mat Salo moderator in MY Roc forum (RNS-510,Fiscon, VIM, Sharksfin GPS Antenna, Dyanaudio for Roc)

  7. Awesome service from Jimmy , Highly recommended

  8. Jimmy, the evil that so passionate into VW and the excellent workmanship makes me come back again and again to upgrade my CC, RNS, R-line steering, 9wz bluetooth, and the last recent add on for shiny metal door kick, RNS firmware update + GPS maps.
    Definitely your BFF for your VW! CBX Rocks!

  9. Jim's a VW guru to me, he's capable of ventures others claim to be not possible or 'difficult la'. You'll know what i mean when he gets to work - surgical and quick - and one can only get there with clarity and confidence, which you can be sure he has. I've had my good ol GTi renewed with RNS510, bluetooth, reverse cam, taillights and mirror caps, all thanks to his expertise. He's the man to talk to, i know I will. Cheers to all the great work done!

  10. Installed the RNS510 and reverse camera. Initially there were some hiccups due to an issue with my car. Jimmy finally found the root cause of the problem and it lies with a faulty gateway. I must say that Jimmy is very determine in solving the issue and without a doubt, good after-sales service.

  11. Top notch service from a down to earth guy. Fixed the Optical Parking System as well as the Self Parking Assist System on my Jetta VI, making it the first Jetta VI in Singapore to have it!

    Initial teething problems but Jimmy got right on it and had a solution within a day. Am now enjoying my ride even more!

    Will be back for more poison bro Jimmy, keep up the great work!

  12. Fixed up RNS 510, reverse cam and LED lights for my wing mirror. Skillful and neat,with the wires organized properly. Friendly and reliable services, recommended for those wanting to upgrade VW stuffs.

  13. Jimmy installed the Park Assist System on my Passat CC... And Friends & relatives impressed on seeing the car "parks" itself for parallel parking. :)
    In fact, i had been using park assist for most of my parallel far success rate is >90%.... only one time it didn't manage to park probably due to the tight lot space and road gradient 'cause the lot is on a slope.
    Two thumbs up for Jimmy and his excellent service.

  14. Installed the bluetooth 9wz in Tiguan..Nice job done by Jimmy. Great service and recommended to all who is interested.

  15. Had RNS 510 and shark fin antenna installed by Jimmy. Great and professional workmanship. Jimmy knows his stuff and what he is doing. Highly recommended. Excellent experience.

  16. Jimmy, Thanks for the great installation. RNS 510 with the bluetooth adaptor on my MK5 GTI is working great ! Love the seamless intergration.

  17. Great job with the 9WZ on my cabriolet and the map updated. Thanks !

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  19. First of all, Thanks Jimmy for making my roc so much more comfortable to ride than before! Could really see that jimmy is really skillful and at no time was I worried about how he was doing.
    Service is also top-notch where he explained things in detail to you, for example, how to use the bluetooth, what scenarios would you find your reverse camera to be off, postal code searches and additional perks, etc.
    One of the best services received and Thumbs up bro! Will be back for more upgrades!

  20. Had Jimmy install reverse cam for my Touran. Neatly done by Jimmy... 2x thumbs up!!

  21. Had Jimmy to installed few stuffs on my jetta.. I must comment, Jimmy is really a patient guy and he is opened to suggestion... His workmanship is superb! You can rest assure your baby with him. Overall I'm happy with his services! Don't be afraid of his skill damaging any part of your baby... Do it and see it yourself.

  22. Jimmy installed successfully fog lights for my polo 6r na. Heard some horror stories that it can't be done And may cost a bomb but Jimmy did it reasonably cost and good workmanship! Awesome job well done. Definitely will look for him again.


  23. Went to look for Jimmy the day after I collected my Scirocco. Installed the reverse camera and bluetooth module to the factory RNS510. Also did the Navigation POI/postal code enhancement. I was impressed by the care and attention to detail that Jimmy displayed during installation - he even helped me to solder some of the stock wire connections which had been previously "wire-twisted" from factory. Will definitely recommend his services.


  24. Jimmy will always be é VW specialist I will look for if I ever own another VW. Wish you were still in VAGSG giving your valuable inputs. Your passion and expertise shall always be mentioned whenever there's a technical challenge. Hope to see you soon. Cheers.

  25. Installed Shark Fin Antenna and RNS510. Great job done by Jimmy. I don't mind drilled a hole on my Golf because nice finishing done by Jimmy. He took 2 hours to complete the installation. Now I get excellent GPS signal reception and mobile phone signal reception.


  26. Engaged Jimmy for RNS510, 9wz Bluetooth module and VW Reverse Cam for my Tiguan. Installation was fast and quality top-notch. He also went through the operation of the RNS/Bluetooth/reverse cam patiently with me after the installation was done.

    unfortunately, the GPS had some issues but Jimmy's not in town. I'm impressed with his response as he called me immediately when he got back and rectified the problem by changing the antenna + relocating it. Now I'm getting very good signals and joining a big group of happy customers :D

  27. Having spent many years in the Automotive Industry and dealing with many technicians from around the world I can safely say that Jimmy is up there with the best of them.

    It was not only Jimmy's vast knowledge of the VW product that impressed me but also the attention to detail and the care that he took whilst removing/reinstalling trim panels, switches etc.

    The reverse camera and bluetooth that Jimmy installed for me worked without flaw or causing any secondary issues; I will most definately be using Jimmy's services again as I truly trust his workmanship.

    Kind Regards


  28. Jimmy, you did it again. Good job retrofitting the shark fin for my 6R Polo GTI to complement the RNS510 you installed some months ago. GPS and radio reception has improved, but more importantly, like you said, it makes the car look fierce :)

  29. good job jimmy in installing my polo gti with 9w7 bluetooth module. the installation was neat and tidy and he got all the tools to do it.great job well done. highly recommended installer and also his product is top notch.thanks once again will definitely buy from you again

    ivan from penang

  30. I like!!!. Jimmy is very professional and fast service installing my RNS510 & OSIR Dead Footrest. Before this session, he already installed the 9WZ bluetooth module. I will definitely recommend him to my all VWs colleagues and get more stuff from him. Kudos & good job!

    Dean GTI

  31. Just had bro Jimmy to install the Dynaudio kit and electric folding mirror for my Passat yesterday. A big two thumps up for his work!! Enjoying every bit of the sound from the new speakers on my drive back to KL, thanks Jimmy!

  32. Jimmy installed the Park Assist v2, Trajectory Cam, Colour Cluster, VIM, Osir Foot Rest and Exhaust Tips all in one day. What impressed me most was not the efficiency but his candour on what can and should be done. Really appreciate that! Till the next round, Jimmy ... Cheers!

  33. Jimmy rectified the iPod interface that came with my wife's car, a VW Beetle: it was installed wrongly at VW, resulting in very poor sound quality. Jimmy is very experienced and meticulous; excellent job and product knowledge. Highly recommended! Thanks very much, Jimmy! Regards, Steven.

  34. I further installed the RNS510 on my wife's Beetle this evening; first class service as above! Thanks again, Jimmy!

  35. Just fixed RNS510 this morning. Well, what can I say. Jimmy, you are well aware of your expertise to this trade. Given a complex problem, you have a rare and enviable ability to find a simple solution. It is delighted to see how you make one satisfied with the service you have rendered.

    Thank you for the enthusiasm you add to most of VW owners. You are a great contributor. We hope you will be inspiring us with your innovative thinking for years to come. (thumbs up..!)

  36. great service! jimmy took his time to ensure the steering wheel worked properly before handing over. will.definitely be back!

  37. Replace my GPS with shark fin and now I can constantly getting 8-9/11 on good day and 5-7/11 on rainy day. In addition, Jimmy workmanship is really good and ease my worried of him punching a hole in my Golf. Great job!

  38. Installed the reverse camera for my Jetta mk6. Impressed with Jimmy's knowledge, workmanship and friendly service. Will definitely be back. Great job!

  39. Jimmy installed my rns510 and reverse camera earlier this month on my mk5 gti. Attention to detail was very high and he was happy to answer all questions I had. I am very impressed and will definitely recommend his work. What I especially liked was how clean his work was and his product knowledge.


  40. Thank you jimmy for installing the fog light kit to my touran. Job well done and fast. Good pricing. Will be looking for you soon for other fittings. Cheers!

  41. After endless pre-sale enquiries via whatsapp, finally got jimmy to help me to install his latest batch of LED RNS510 on my 2009 MKV GTI.

    He came down on friday (3rd may 2013), but unfortunately the canbus module wasn't able to "talk" to my car.

    He took it back to troubleshoot, and found the canbus module defective (he says this is the 1st time he encountered this problem hahaha).

    Came back 2 days later on a Sunday afternoon (5th may), & hooked up a new set in no time.

    He even wired up my unused 3rd party reverse camera (installed by a previous head unit installer) with the RNS510 and they worked with each other seamlessly.

    Took me out for a ride, told me his stories with local and cross border customer, then at the same time patiently explained to me all the functions of his RNS510.... audio/video functions, steering wheel controls, MFD displays, satellite capturing, navigation selections, HDD usage etc.

    Simply top notch. No horse run.

    Even helped me to set the aircon selection to cabin air recirculation function by default. yipeee...

    went on to change out my wing mirrors coming home lights and reverse light to white LEDs.

    I know i'll definitely go back to him for round 2 poison, as he has so much stuff to mod for my ride!!

    Brudder Jimmy, I salute you. :D

    Highly recommended installer for VW stuff.

  42. Managed to get Jimmy contact from VW Malaysia club, his name was highly recommended since 2009.

    After endless pre-sale enquiries via whatsapp and deposit through paypal almost 3 weeks, finally Jimmy is down in town to installed RNS510, Trajectory Camera and Bluetooth On My Passat B7, it took him about 3 hrs to installed. I really respect on his workmanship and organizing his tools and gadgets. He always carry his mini workshop on his Passat B6, very professional to perform his work, Highly recommended ( I gave him 100% Marks on the job he did it for me ), Peace Of Mind! No worried at all!.

    Will recommend more client to him.

    Highly recommended installer for those looking for original VW stuffs.

    Bro, I respect you :D

  43. Jim really knows his stuffs well and he is committed to his work. Rest assure to leave your car to this pro. Thumbs UPZ!

  44. Jimmy installed the following on my Golf Mk6 Sports, 1) Dynaudio 2) Emblem RVC (With fixed line) 3) Shark fin GPS Antenna 4) Rear Footwell light 5) Stowaway tray (Non smoker pack) & 6) Sports pedal.

    I found his workmanship and customer service to be excellent. He will get back to you quickly by SMS or Whatsapp if you encounter any problem or enquiries.
    I highly recommended his service if anybody looking for poison stuff for your VW ride.

    BTW, anybody looking for upgrade your VW stock audio, look no further...Dynaudio upgrade is the answer.
    What can I say, WOW.. the sound excellence with seamless integration with RNS510.
    I think, it is the BEST investment I made for my car at the moment.

    Bro Jimmy, thank you.

  45. Did a Dynaaudio upgrade, reverse cam, gear-shift handler change and open-door LED retrofit. Good job at a very reasonable price. Thanks Jimmy

  46. Jimmy did a RNS 510 and Bluetooth module installation on my MK6 Golf GTI. Fast, efficient, good price, and very friendly. It didn't take long for him to come over to JB from SG in a whiff. Highly recommended! Thanks Jimmy.

  47. Jimmy installed my bluetooth 9w7, rns 510,reverse emblem camera and sharkfin antenna. His installation and knowledge was short of nothing but an expert in these fields. All the equipment he notable performed flawlessly with one exception, my radio signal has dropped, but I can't really pin point the cause. It might be the interference with the BT 9w7 cause after installing that module, the radio stations have been having lots of static. After replacing the RCD 510 with RNS 510,the static reduced but isn't like how I got the car from the showroom. Oh well..

    Installation - 10/10
    Knowledge - 10/10
    Product quality - 10/10 all original
    Pricing - reasonable and he explains everything when installing if you are asking

    Next up on my list is TPMS for my MK6 GTI...

  48. Had Jimmy to install a reverse camera and Bluetooth module in my Jetta. The workmanship is fantastic due to his expertise and experience. Highly recommended!!!

    Thanks Jimmy

  49. Engaged Jimmy to install the Rns 510, bluetooth kit, reverse cam and chrome exhaust tips for my Jetta6. Once again, Jimmy has proven himself to be a true expert in his field.

    His product knowledge is excellent and he will not hesitate to share more info and will provide detailed explanation for each step he is performing when asked.

    I am highly impressed by his workmanship, professionalism and the highly personalised services he provided.

    I will definitely be back for more poison from Jimmy!

  50. What is the most important things to lookout when engage an installer?
    It’s the installer’s knowledge on the item, car, installing procedure, and support.
    Ultimately, you do not want anyone to conduct trial & error on your beloved ride.

    Jimmy has all it’s take to give you 200% satisfactions.

    I located Jimmy on goggle, although he sound professional to me, having explain all the steps and expected results on installing RNS510 and reverse Cam, but I’m still having the doubt.
    Send Jimmy my beloved Tiguan for installation minutes after it left VCS.
    Was (still am) very impress on his knowledge on the car, his carefulness while handling the car, and his stringent quality control.
    From then on, Jimmy won my trust for many more installations;

    Reverse Cam with Trajectory
    Park Assists
    Cruise Control
    R Steering Wheels
    Bi-Xenon headlights with AFS
    Anti-theft warning system
    High TPMS
    Exhaust Tips
    And many more lined up.....woohoo

  51. I always wanted to see where I am reversing my car. So when I got my new Jetta 8 months ago, the first thing I did was to install a reverse camera. A friend recommended the Trajectory Reverse Parking Camera original VW kit and I got it from a overseas source. After the installation, the system did not work. Fortunately I found Jimmy and got him to have a look. And realised the unit was programmed wrongly and the control unit died. It was a expensive installed. Finally decided to have everything removed and have Jimmy install a brand new kit that he has in stock. Was so happy that it worked and have been using it since then.

    Now 8 months later, I decided to add on the complete park sensors front and back. It was so cool. The reverse sensors that came with my Jetta was an aftermarket part installed by local VW. This new sensors from Jimmy is the original ones installed by VW factory. Costly but worth it. It's all integrated to the VW system and when you activate the sensors, your car knows about it and cut the music so that you can hear the beep. Also I can now get it to auto parallel park for me (hands free). Pretty cool and need trick.

    Since Jimmy is going to take apart my Jetta for the install, I also added the footwell lights and replaced the dummy door puddle light with the real stuff. Well done. Now things are more visible in the dark internally. The footwell lights dims when doors are closed and become bright when doors are open.

    Everything works. Really happy with the installs.

    I guess it really important to engage someone who love and have great knowledge of the car. He drives a VW too :)

  52. Got the RNS510 from Jimmy for more than a week now. Freaking AWESOME! Navigation is good and precise. There is a split screen function too. And BEST of all, it works even when you lose the signal. Unless you want to compare with Google maps or Waze, this baby beats any external gps like Garmin or whatever hand down. So many additional functions, not only with the Navigation, but also the entertainment system itself like DVD player and Phone function(optional). Worth every penny.

    For those in Malaysia who are puzzled why they do not install it locally, even as an add on function. Don't waste your time. I have called every VW service centre there is and even asked VW Malaysia. And no one bothered to answer me. They don't do original, which does not make sense. A few centres offered the China versions claiming it to be VW compliant. A bunch of BS. Just call Jimmy and your prayers will be answered.

    Can't wait for the Reverse Camera to come. *waiting for stock*

    Thanks Bro

  53. Got Jimmy to install the original VW emblem reverse camera for my wife's Beetle. Excellent service and job as usual. Highly recommended!

    Regards, Steven

  54. Dealing fast on whatsapp for RNS 510 and Shark Fin Antenna for good price. OMG this is really good price for me!!! :D On the next day i drove all the way from Ipoh to JB to meet Jimmy. I can tell you his workmanship is dem good! Less than an hour finished all the installation and he teach me what i need to know. Some more this uncle help me to set on my alarm sound and off the day time running light. Highly recommended! Unkol Jimmy pls give me quotation for the other mod too. . Highly recommended for superb service at affordable price!!!!

  55. Just got my Electric Fold Side Mirror (Passat B7) from CBX as Malaysia CKD version came w/o this feature. Really appreciates Jimmy to come all the way to JB to do installation @ my house and did some clean up on the meter cluster without any second words even though i just paid some deposit. Ya thanks for the system setting also. Guess it is hard to find a second person who is so familiar and truly specialized in VW car.

    Good jobs...

  56. Jimmy is the answer to all VW owners who are looking to upgrade their rides. Probably the most experienced, passionate and honest VW specialist in Singapore and maybe even Malaysia! Looking forward to more projects on my Mk6 Jetta. Cheers!

  57. Just added on VW Rear Camera and VW Anti Theft to my MK6 GTI. Again, Jimmy's dedication and workmanship is awesomely SUPERB. If anyone wanted to add-on or change anything for their VW, just get Jimmy!!!. Can't wait for my pop hatch kit to complete my rear end mods!. Highly recommended to anyone (including my office mates who are driving VWs).


  58. Fellow VW lovers, I have to input my comments for Jimmy's work because I am truly satisfied with them. He converted some items which was pretty tricky for my r32 and his charges are very justifiable. Most importantly is he displayed trust, experience and passion during job and that is all we ask for when we send in our cars for mob.. Kudos and keep it up my friend..!

  59. Just installed the rear camera for my golf mk7. Thanks again for Jimmy's 2 hours of hard work. He really knows inside out of VW cars and he is confident and skilful on the job, i'm glad to have engaged him for this mod. I'll wait for your next mod update for Golf 7. Good Job Jimmy

  60. Had Jimmy install the RNS510 for my car. He really did a good job installing it and also helped me rectify all the mistakes and damages done by SC when they installed the reverse camera. Very skillful and have wide knowledge of VW.

  61. Went to Jimmy for a few upgrades including audio system; Joy ride everyday! Thanks to Jimmy for this excellent Worksmanship and knowledge about VW, save a sum with an alternative option. Bringing my wife's car for the upgrades soon, no doubt!

  62. Jimmy did a fantastic job in helping me to change my tail lamps to the gti version. Workmanship was great, even though it is the first time he worked on a golf mk7 he did a great job. Thanks Jimmy!

  63. Excellent workmanship, detailed troubleshooting and diligent park assist v2 job. Master of vw who can supervise the workshop technicians. Rest assured your original mod is in good hands.

    1. Thanks for the mud flaps and blue motion switch. Now less troublesome as just press 2 buttons for park assist to work properly.

  64. Jimmy is punctual in all his appointments and that' shows his professionalism. I would say he is very experienced and knowledgeable in Volkswagen products and cars. His friendliness put you at ease and that is what most of us look for! I've just upgraded to the RNS510 Version T, Sharksfin Antenna, MFSW Sports Version and the Colour Cluster. All done within 2.5hrs today!

    Excellent workmanship and definitely you don't have to worry quality issues. Great job Jimmy!

  65. After reading all the posts about Jimmy's excellent work and knowledge of Volkswagen cars I decided to engage him to install RNS510, Sharksfin antenna and reverse camera. He is neat meticulous and down to earth good guy to do business.

  66. Had Jimmy upgrade my Passat to the RNS510 with VW badge reverse camera. Quick, neat, and even upgraded the software. Everything worked great, and he even patiently explained how to use the GPS and load songs into the HD. Knows exactly what he is doing and won't hurt your "baby". Did Dynaudio through him too, but the installers had some wiring problems, which he managed to sort out.

  67. The return of the satisfied customer! Had previously engaged Jimmy to install the RNS 510 and chrome exhaust tips for my Jetta 6. This time round, I've decided to install the OPS V2 Self park and the choice is obvious! It has to be Jimmy.

    Once again, Jimmy has proven his skills and professionalism. His knowledge of VW products are impressive and rest assure you can leave your beloved ride with him with a peace of mind! The Self park didn't work initially as there were some programming issues, but they were eventually solved by Jimmy and it works perfectly now.

    I will be back for more Jimmy! Keep up the great work!

  68. Jimmy is extremely knowledgeable and competent. On top of that, he is professional in his work, meticulous, neat and very conscious of each customer's needs. His workmanship is awesome. He is also punctual and reliable. Engaged him to change my R steering wheel, fog lights, OPS V2, instrument cluster, bluetooth, sharkfin, RNS 510, footwell lights. This is just the start, will definitely be engaging him again to complete my wishlist.

  69. Initially, I asked Jimmy to quote his price for Beetle meter cluster for fun. The price he gave is quite reasonable and I thought why not.
    However, as the car is not in Klang Valley, I had a little difficulties to arrange for it. Fortunately, Jimmy offered to go to my house for the installation.
    Lo and behold he drove all the way up north from Singapore.

    The installation requires small cutting of center console. Our car is our wife and not many people is comfortable for this.
    However, knowing that Jimmy is the best in this trade I decided to go for it. He did the installation quickly and everything works as expected.

    Now the car feels complete with a meter cluster and I am able to track the turbo boost when it kicks in.
    This is a must to have in all new beetle as it completes the car interior.

    Workmanship: 10/10
    Price: 9/10 Everyone wants a cheap price, but I felt the price that was charged is reasonable and fair for the service provided.

  70. Having driven a standard-spec sharan for 2 years, I am generally satisfied with the car except for the ride quality. It’s not I would call magic-carpet smooth especially when the roads get really rough and uneven. Another thing that nags me is that there is no 6 seater available even as an option.
    I searched the internet and found jimmy’s blog. Impressed by what I saw on his blog, I decided to get DCC and the 7-seater to 6-seater conversion through Jimmy. Both of these upgrades involve a lot of parts, but luckily Jimmy sorted out everything for me and even managed to get some parts at a cost that is well below the retail prices.
    Installation took place in Singapore and the progress went smooth as silk. Jimmy’s expertise and in depth knowledge made things look easy. But in reality, the DCC has so many wirings and connection that one false move would end in big trouble.
    The DCC and seat conversion turned out perfectly. Everything works exactly like it should. What is really amazing about the DCC is that it can make the car more comfortable yet at the same time more controlled. I know it seems contradictory, but it really is. I am one happy customer!

  71. I contacted Jimmy to install the VW OEM original Helix sound system for my wife's Beetle today: I was his first customer for this installation! As usual, Jimmy was meticulous, taking great care in removing the panels, positioning the harness and subwoofer and connecting the sound system. A first class job as usual, highly recommended as always.

  72. I drive the standard Touran for 3 years plus and it is always my wish to have TPMS and Park Assist System (OPS V2). However, many suppliers do not have the knowledge on how to install them. Luckily I found Jimmy blog and he made my wish come true. He is very knowledgeable and professional in his work. Highly recommended for his service… I will be requesting more things to be installed in my car ….

  73. I had my Adaptive Cruise Control & Front Assist installed last week. Despite some initial technical glitches, Jimmy was able to iron out the kinks, and the system works flawlessly now. Cruising in heavy traffic is now effortless. Those who spend a considerable amount of time on the road should seriously consider having this. Thanks Jimmy for making rush hour commuting something I actually look forward to

  74. My latest upgrade DCC. Its a tough job, but Jimmy is up for the challenge.
    The installation took 1 full day and ended without any error codes.
    DCC is the ultimate fully automated suspension control system.
    It does not only control the 4 suspension, but also the steering handling.
    DCC has 3 modes, Comfort, Normal, and Sport.
    Comfort – The most comfortable setting. It gives you a feeling that your car is “floating” through
    all the bumps and holes.
    Normal – Slight more controlled than comfort setting. It is extremely good for normal speed cornering.
    If you are on winding roads, this setting will stabilised your car thru the corners.
    Sport – my favourite setting. Extremely good for high speed cornering.
    Coupled with my 2.0 APRed TSI engine, it instantly transformed my SUV into a GTI.
    Zooming pass traffics with total stability and control.
    Control has never been the same again with DCC.

  75. I have collected by car 1 week ago, before hand i was so excited when i had purchased my car from VW and found on forums that i was able to contact jimmy. i called jimmy weeks ago and started asking him questions on car, and what mods i can do. he was really patient with me and explaining the items to me. these were the list of items that i have installed in my car currently, all done by jimmy

    sharkfin GPS
    Bluetooth module
    Reverse cam
    Footwell lightings

    All items that were purchased 1000000% original. even though jetta mk6 dont comes with foot well lights, he made the extra effort to get the lights fixed nicely and neatly. he does work wholeheartedly and really takes care of the car, i stood by the car 4 hours watching him do, he slowly and carefully take out the parts and pieces, each placing them back with no damages done to the parts. he shared knowledge on the other cars and parts. no pushy sales however his car is really poisonous. haha! i found out that one of my rear back seat lever was spoilt, drove back to VW and my salesman says "it is normal, new, drive awhile and it will be ok" totally bull shit, jimmy taught me a trick or 2 to get it done back at the aftersales department. works! he have lots of knowledge on it, and i trust that my car is in safe hands. :)) thumbs up jimmy

  76. Installed the following

    Footwell Lights
    Door Lights
    Sports Pedal

    Jimmy knows his stuff and a car lover himself. Treats your car like his! (Thumbs up!)
    You car is in good hands.
    No BS sales talk.

    Will I get more poison from him? Yes!

    Hope this helps to put your mind at ease.

    What are your waiting for?

  77. The 1st Jetta6 with DCC in Singapore!
    Thanks Jimmy SiFu for this work which is normally believed not achievable!
    The ride is simply like, borrowing the term from a fellow VW Bro, on a 'magic carpet'! Alladin would be jealous because his is just a carpet, mine is Jetta6 with DCC!
    The DCC 'cancels' or diminishes road irregularities beautifully and ensures the car and its wheels stay planted on the road in straights and cornerings with significantly reduced bounce and 'scary' feeling of rolls respectively. Toggling the Normal and Sports mode gives the DCC different parameters of behavior though the Sports is more apt for high speed straights and cornerings, giving the steering a firmer hold as well.
    It's a worthwhile investment vs what you'll pay separately for aftermarket sway bar, chassis enhancements, strut bars etc. I think you get the picture!
    I am now contemplating upping the rims to 17 or 18 inch and am sure the DCC will continue to work its magic for ride comfort.

  78. I approached Jimmy for a Dynaudio sound system upgrade on my Passat B7…

    He was very responsive throughout, and I really appreciated him coming down to my office to do the entire install in the car park! Talk about convenience! Jimmy knows his stuff, was very neat and thorough, and treated my car like his own. Can’t ask for much more..
    The upgrade is great! I now look forward to my commutes… Compared to the stock speakers, the sound is so much more clear and rich. Highs are clear without being shrill, mid-range is lush and transparent, and the bass is punchy without being overwhelming. Brilliant!

  79. I was so used to having the reverse camera fitted on my previous car. I wasn't comfortable with doing parallel parkings the day I collected my VW. As such, I went back to the car workshop that I've used to frequent, only to be told that integrating the reverse camera to the RNS510 was not possible. Having done some research online, I was fortunate enough to have met Jimmy. Workmanship was neat, and it only took him less than 2 hours to complete the job. Jimmy's one knowledgable man and he's prob the best person to leave your VW with. I've been using the reverse camera on my car for about a month. And I have to say it has worked so well with no error and has brought great convenience by far. Looking forward to looking him up for more mods!

  80. Had my aftermarket coilover change to DCC with Jimmy on 06th August 15, as usual workmanship for Jimmy and the workshop is excellent
    As a matter of fact i was a bit skeptical about the the DCC performance that i have been reading on the internet or from the review of other car owner
    but finally i still decide to go for it

    I wouldn't say my ride now is exactly like on a 'magic carpet' but i would say that now it's definitely much more comfortable, smoother and personally i feel
    it's also much quieter thanks to the cancelling/softening of the road condition that DCC manage to diminish without losing the road holding performance.

    The greatest beauty about DCC is that now i have a choice to decide the suspension setup to suit to my style of driving, as and when i like thanks to the option mode that DCC have to offer which is not achievable from my old setup.

    Kudos to Jimmy for bringing another great stuff to all VW owners.

  81. Jimmy is cool. Professionally he installed the reverse and dash cams on my Scirocco. Awesome VW skills, meticulous in the whole process, never miss a joint or a screw that needs to be fastened.

    He treated my car like his own, neat and tidy throughout the installation process. He even washed his hands with soap before going through the interior of the car!

    Highly recommended for VW mods. Thank you Jimmy.

  82. Jimmy helped me install the Dynaudio system on my ride. He also offered to re-route my MDI (installed through other sources) when he saw that it could be done in a more professional way. The end result for both jobs was amazing. His attention to minute details made sure everything was done right. Highly recommended.

  83. I would like to thank Jimmy for the excellent support he has provided me with when my car boot could not open.
    As usual ,VW service centre requires me to leave the car there for diagnosis plus perhaps overnight since
    I did not make a service appointment.

    When I brought it to Jimmy, he initially assessed it as a common problem with the locking mechanism on the boot. However before I drove off, he did another round of diagnostics and several rear lights are not functioning too.

    On hearing my repair history, Jimmy took the trouble to opened the boot assembly and isolated the problem to the badly crimped wire harness. We agreed to Jimmy's propose to rebuild he harness over the next three days and fixed all the connection problems due to the broken cables in the wire harness.

    To my surprise, I received a note that the problem has been fixed by the end of the same day. I drove back, and within minutes of reattaching the rest wire harness , my boot opening issue and rear lights "off" (open circuit) were resolved.

    Thank you Jimmy And I will definitely recommend other VW Drivers to engage your service.

  84. Had DCC installed by Jimmy last week and the ride has been very very comfortable since. Was on Bilstein B6 for a little more than a month and found it very harsh and decided to take the plunge.

    No regrets going for DCC. The work by Jimmy was top notch and immaculate, wiring was done within a day and couple of days later, the new absorbers were installed and improvement was immediately felt.

    Thank you Jimmy for this wonderful mod!

  85. I have appointed only Jimmy to 'touch' my car except for servicing. I had him to install the Car Alarm, Car Camera, Instrument Cluster, Dynaudio, etc (more coming!!). I would say he is the most professional installer I ever seen. He did it carefully and ensure the wires are arranged in a professional 'suppose to be' way. Highly recommend Jimmy to handle your VW ride simply because he knows your VW ride whereby he himself is a VW car owner.

  86. Retrofit my Sportsvan Highline with electric folding side mirror was Jimmy first attempt and he did good preparation before starting the retrofit. Well, job nicely done! Owners of the initial batch Sportsvan Highline version, no electric folding side mirror… no problem… Jimmy can retrofit it (of course not FOC).

  87. I got Jimmy to install the Dynaudio on my Sharan today. The end product is superb sound quality that will now accompany me in my ride everyday. No rrgrets to go with this investment. Jimmy is very knowledgeable in his work and went through with me on the system and the work done. I even got some good advice on some of the additional mods that I am thinking of.

    Jimmy's work professionalism is excellent and has assuaged all my initial concerns on work quality. I will not hesitate to look him up again for future mods for my VW. You are Ace, Bro.

  88. Just got my golf 7 1.2 installed with fog light. Darn it's unforeseen hell of job. Despite many difficulties,and extra time spent,finally get the job done. Jimmy is really good. He would try his best to get things done. Yes definitely will look for him for future projects! Yes he's vw professional,no doubt!

  89. Got Jimmy to install the full Anti-Theft Warning System today together with blue led footwell lights and white interior cabin lights. Boy, what a transformation! The lights are simply cool! And I have a full peace of mind that my car is well protected with genuine VW OEM alarm system, thanks to the expertise of Jimmy.

    I must say that Jimmy is professional in his work. He took time to demonstrate and explain to me the ATWS funtionality and operations, and ensure that I get a walkthrough of the things done. This is the second time I've engage Jimmy to mod my VW and I am very pleased with the work done. With such good quality service rendered, I know this will not be my last.

  90. Had a splendid experience with Jimmy while getting my Passat CC fixed up. His service level and workmanship quality is legendary. No regrets and really looking forward to my next mod and visit.

  91. Requested Jimmy to retrofit a Emblem Reverse Camera to my MK7 Golf R. I have used his services before for my other cars and the service and workmanship was top notch as usual. He came to my place at 10am to perform the install and in under 2hrs the installation and coding were done. This true OEM fitment is refreshing to see rather than the 'hack and modify' approach offered by other workshops. I look forward to using his services again and strongly recommend his services to fellow VW owners looking for OEM upgrades with a clean install.

  92. Jimmy is a nice guy and very knowledgeable in VW. He installed the reverse camera on my brand new GTI. Despite a lot of panel dismantling and cabling jobs Jimmy did that with ease and able to complete everything within 1.5 hour. Also asked to modify some default settings such as turning off the DRL and the much annoying auto stop/start. In short, very happy with his services

  93. Had procrastinated for a year before I finally decided to install DCC on my Tiguan through Jimmy. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and passion for VW cars and mods. He took me through explanation and installation process explanation and made it convenient for me by coming to my home carpark and wiring installation. Seeing the complexity of the wiring further cemented my faith in his ability to complete the project without issues. The whole process took 1.5days. I came off with deep conviction of his ability and am definitely exploring more with him! To all VW car lovers in SG, he's the man to go to for expert advice and installation on all things VW.

  94. 2 days having DCC on Tiguan. I am enjoying the ability to ride on comfort with family. DCC helps smoothes out bumps and makes Singapore roads less harsh. Sports mode when I am driving out alone. Time to think about next project with Jimmy!

  95. I have known Jimmy for a couple of years now. He had fitted my previous rides and the current golf cabriolet with many add ons.
    On all occasions he had always ensured quality fixtures and workmanship.
    He always gives sound advice and his customer service is excellent.
    Recently he fitted the Dynaudio kit into my golf cabriolet and it was an excellent job.
    The low and mid improved a lot compared to stock and even fitted a complimentary lighting accessory for my darkly lit boot.
    Good Job Jimmy!!

  96. Got jimmy to install the park assist for my golf 7. The installation went very well and the parking sensors was great. They were great help during parking, my wife love the park assist which help her park the car when need. No more cold sweat for her during parking at tight spot. Jimmy was very professional in his work. You will be sure that everything are well taken care of. Thanks jimmy. More to come.

  97. Got jimmy to install the park assist for my golf 7. The installation went very well and the parking sensors was great. They were great help during parking, my wife love the park assist which help her park the car when need. No more cold sweat for her during parking at tight spot. Jimmy was very professional in his work. You will be sure that everything are well taken care of. Thanks jimmy. More to come.

  98. Jimmy is a responsible and knowlegeable guy for all that is VW. He helped in installing the Discovery Pro MIB 2 for my Golf 7. Would definately recommend him to anybody looking to retrofit their VW car. Thanks Jimmy for the great job!!Will definately come back next year for more upgrades!!

  99. Persistence and professionalism. I have not seen another engineer nor workshop place so emphasis on getting the job done right. Jimmy is one of a kind. Profundly knowledgeable and yet humble, Jimmy’s workmanship is second to none. During the installation of ACC and Lane Assist, we hit roadblocks due to factory protection on components but Jimmy was resourceful in bringing in the needed support to develop solutions and delivered the system that exceeded expectations. He went above and beyond, spending Long hours to ensure everything worked as discussed. I am truly impressed and would definitely recommend paying him a visit for everything, from the basic to the most complicated of installations!

  100. Was referred to Jimmy by my VW salesperson. I must say, one of the best decisions I have ever made! The changing of my new Golf 7.5 stock steering wheel to a GTI MFSW took a few hours but I learned so much from Jimmy while we were waiting for remote support to troubleshoot (mainly the disabling of start-stop which was a much-appreciated bonus for me). Very thankful to Jimmy for his patience and professionalism in answering my questions and would definitely recommend this upgrade to other Golf 7.5 drivers out there. You will not regret the volume control buttons, the paddle shifts and potentially even cruise control (software enabled but need additional hardware e.g. cables/pins according to Jimmy). I think I will be back to find him soon for other upgrades...

  101. Sent my 1 week old 2018 Touran for vw original Park assist installation with Jimmy. The installation includes 12 parking sensors OPS (6 on front and 6 on rear bumper, pre-spray painted to my Touran colour coding), cabling, new set of buttons and controller. The new set of buttons come with the electronic tailgate switch which tempt me on my next retrofit. The physical installation was meticulously completed which took at least half a day by installer in the audio shop and followed by final coding/testing by Jimmy. As the holes for the sensors needed to be drilled on the bumpers, it may not to everyone liking, but the installer did a decent job. Alternatively, buy a set of hole puncher from Amazon for a perfect cut and touch up paint to touch up the circumference of the cut hole. Overall experience is good, job well done and Jimmy did a few demo on the park assist feature. The VW park assist feature is easy to use and I use it whenever there is an opportunity. It did not take that too long to park my touran properly in between 2 cars. Demo to my wife and she loves it. The parking sensors which is linked to my infotainment display allows me to be more daring in tight spots. It also comes with vw manoeuvre braking feature.

    You can request vw sg not to install the locally fitted rear 2 sensors on the 2018 touran if you have not collected your ride and intend to have the original installed.