Saturday, 17 September 2011

Polo 6R Everything

5 May 2012
Today a base Polo 6R was retrofitted with original Fog Lamp and controls.

Polo 6R Fog Lamp Kit

Base Polo without Fog Lamps

Removing bumper front trims & licence plate

Front Fog Lamp fitted

Trim Fitted

Fog Lamps in operation

End product ! A happy customer and a more complete 6R Polo

Polo 6R Cruise Control Retrofit for Polo GTI/6R

Work involves following :

1. Remove/Reinstall steering wheel/airbag and turn/wiper stalk module
2. Insert wiring into existing connector of steering module.
3. Insert wiring into Centre Electric Module.
4. Insert wiring into Engine Control Module.
5. Program vehicle i.e. VCDS.

Please refer to this  LINK

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