Sunday, 25 September 2011

Passat Dummy KESSY Key

KESSY System  Keyless Entry Keyless Start . 
An option readily available for PASSAT / CC models. With the KESSY, driver needs to have the original KEY in procession in order to gain access to the vehicle simply by touching the door handle. There is a sensor mounted on the handle to recognise the "capacitance" of the driver's touch !  All four door handles are similarly equipped ! 

There are also 4 other sensors inside the vehicle.  Two in the cabin, one in the trunk and another outside the rear bumper. This allow the KESSY system to recognise the presence of the correct key to prevent accidentally locking of doors, opening of trunk, etc.
KESSY Door Handle Touch Sensor 

KESSY PUSH START Insert on all PASSAT models 

KESSY PUSH START Switch on B7/CC 2011>
Sensor on vehicle bumper

And to protect the  Passat original keys which are prone to damages due to surface abrasion or impact, the leather key covers is a MUST !

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