Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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All the talk about Tire Pressure monitoring for our cars.  We actually have the system in our vehicles but only need to trigger it.  The system is a safety equipment which should have been a standard in all our cars but some how, this have been left out for some reason.

The Tire Deflation Monitoring System TDMS is standard on most of our vehicles as far as I know. However, the system does not measure the actual pressure as there are no sensors installed inside the wheels. The TDMS makes use of the ABS sensors to measure the rolling diameters of the wheels.  When the tires pressure have been renewed ( pumped air at the station ), a simple press on the switch for 3 seconds would trigger or reset the monitoring system in the ABS.

During operation, when one of the wheels have a puncture, the rolling diameter is smaller than the others......the ABS would deem this as a puncture and trigger the Tire Error icon on the instrument cluster.  However, it does not say which wheel is having the puncture. Using the VAGCOM, you would be able to know which wheel though.

Have this function activated on my Passat inserting a control wire into the ABS and programming it.

TDMS Reset Switch

TDMS Monitoring Icon on the Instrument Cluster

Dismantling the ABS connector to insert the control wire[ 

Before inserting the wire, the water seal plug must be removed....a daunting task ! 

Inserted wire into the ABS connector

Programming of the ABS control unit is a MUST or else nothing works 


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