Friday, 16 November 2012

Scirocco OPS Conversion

November 2012

A customer indented a 1.4 Scirocco from the local VW office.  Came with full spec.....moon roof, full airbag system, Xenon lights, rear view camera,......etc.

However, factory will only install the Optical Parking System for the rear bumper as there is no option to install the front sensors unless it is a Scirocco R model.

CBX to the rescue ! Being my first conversion, I thought that simply changing the control module and adding the front sensors would be sufficient.  I was WRONG !

We have to replace the entire system, including the rear harness and sensors ! They are different.

While, we were doing this conversion.....we threw in the Self Parking System as well..........

Zoom in (real dimensions: 816 x 612)Image

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