Friday, 9 November 2012

Add On Anti Theft Warning System for Volkswagen System

On all Volkswagen cars equipped in the factory with Anti Theft System ( ATS) , it is possible to retrofit the Anti Theft Warning System (ATWS) which comprises of the interior monitoring & Anti-Tilt/Tow function.

With the ATS, the vehicle is protected again break in as it would be impossible to open the door without the key or remote controller. However, entry by window glass breakage cannot be prevented.  With the ATWS, the vehicle would have an interior sensor to detect any movement or glass breakage. The siren would sound off if an intrusion is detected.

Similarly, the ATS cannot warn the owner of vehicle being towed away or the wheels being stolen.  With the ATWS, the Tilt/Tow sensor would detect any inclination movement and sound off the alarm

Removing the car battery would not stop the siren from sounding as there is a built in Lithium battery.

This function can be switched off intentionally.  Situation such as an occupant remaining in the vehicle or towing of vehicle for repairs, the function can be deactivated using the switch located on the B-pillar.

Locking or Unlocking the doors via Kessy Touch Handle, remote control or by turn  key, would obtain a confirmation "CHIRP" from the ATWS.

On vehicles with KESSY function, it is also possible to program the ATWS to auto arm the vehicle. This function is known as PASSIVE ARMING .  Vehicle left unattended and unlock with the KESSY key outside the vehicle after several minutes, the system would automatically lock and arm the vehicle. However, disarming is only possible using the driver's door KESSY handle or Ignition Key Start ( IMMO recognition ).

ATWS Kit for Passat 

The equipment comprises of the Siren Horn c/w protective casing, tilt/motion sensor, deactivation switch, custom electrical harness and labour to install. 

Lock/Unlock Siren Chirp Confirmation
Vehicle can be programmed to sound each time the doors are lock or unlocked using remote, key or KESSY touch. 

Anti Tow / Jack function.....
Jacking the vehicle at any point, would trigger the interior sensor to wound the alarm. 

Interior Monitoring Sensor Triggering
When movement is detected by the sensor, the siren would sound. 

Deactivating Monitoring/Tilt Sensor
The Deactivating Switch is lighted up brightly when the doors are opened. Upon starting the vehicle, the light is dimmed.  When ignition is switched off, the switch is brightly lilted to indicate readiness.  When the switch is pressed now, an orange light would appear. When the doors are now locked, the interior sensor would be deactivated. 

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