Thursday, 14 March 2013

Retrofitting Octavia Footwell Lights

Footwell Light Retrofitting on Octavia

A customer wanted the footwell lights to be fitted on his 2010 Octavia.

On the 2010 Octavia, the footwell lights were not fitted at factory.  Unfortunately, they were not intended as factory did not make any provision to fit the footwell lights. 

Unlike vehicles such as the GOLF, PASSAT, there are no perforated holes for the lights assembly to be fitted.  The holes have to be cut on the glove box and dash panel. 

Even on the official circuit diagrams for the Octavia, there were no indication for the footwells lights to be fitted. As such, I would believe that it was not originally designed by Skoda to fit them.

We used same wire assignment as the Skoda Superb to connect up the footwell lights.  We are able to control the dimming of the lights as well.

The lights worked perfectly....dimming according to the rheostat switch on the dashboard. 

Driver's Under Dash Panel

Footwell Light Fitted

Footwell Light illuminated 

Passenger Side : Glove Box panel

Footwell Light Fitted

Footwell Light illuminated 


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