Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Jetta Mark 6 Volkwagen Original Anti-Theft/Intrusion/Tow Alarm System

Anti-Theft/Intrusion/Tow Alarm System


All Jetta Mark 6 in Singapore are not installed with the Anti-Theft Alarm system unlike the Malaysian version.  Most Volkswagen cars comes with the Anti-Theft system whereby it is almost impossible to open the doors of the vehicle or start the car without the original keys.  However, the determined thief would still be able to break the window glass or tow the vehicle away.  With the add on kit, the complete Anti Theft Alarm Kit would be complete.

We successfully retrofitted the first original VW Anti-Theft/Instrusion/Tow Alarm System on a Mark 6 Jetta

Kit consist Roof Panel, Switch, Siren, Harness

Mounted Roof Panel
B-Pillar Trim cover with Alarm Switch marking

Installed Switch 

Alarm On/Off Switch installed

Siren Mounted beside Wiper Assembly in Bulkhead area

Operation of Doors with Siren Chirp Confirmation

Details of Retrofit available here 

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