Friday, 2 August 2013

Boot Lid Strut Replacement on Passat B6

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My Passat B6 boot lid have been acting up.  When popping the lid, it would open up half way and stays there.  A manual lift by hand is necessary.  The local VW dealer was not helpful as they claim it is wear and tear. So, I have to help myself.

Found that the part number for the B6 and B7 are different.  The two cars seems identical in operation and design.  Decided to order the latest design instead of the old B6 part number.

Comparing the two, they seem identical though the B7 is slightly  shorter by a few mm.

B7 (top) vs B6 (lower) Boot Lid Struts

Replacing the struts on the Passat is no joke.....

1. Remove the boot trims on the left and right side. Lower back seat rest.....
2. Remove rear seat rest side boosters. 
3. Remove C pillar trim panels.
4. Remove rear dash panel trim ( rear parcel shelf ) 
5. Remove reel belt assembly (both left and right )
6. Insert angular tool to pry the lock clip off the struts and lift out the strut front end lock. 
7. Remove the rear end of the strut from the boot area. 
8. Assembly in reverse. 

Total time taken....2 hours being the first time doing this ! Alot of work for just two struts. 

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