Saturday, 31 August 2013

New Beetle Auxiliary Meters Retrofit

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The Beetle in Malaysia are not fitted with the Auxiliary Meters on the dashboard but instead only a simply shallow tray is provided.  Cannot put much on the tray without it spilling out during heavy turns.

The 1.2 Litre  Sport Beetle in Singapore are ordered from factory with the Aux Meters. Some of these cars are exported to Malaysia due to poor sales figures in Singapore.

We retrofitted the Aux Meters onto a 1.4 Malaysian New Beetle today.  The following are the work required.

1. Remove the rubber mat on the tray.
2. Mask the area and mark out the various mounting points for the meter.
3. Cut the 4 mm thick dashboard with a special cutter.
4. The mounting points are very important as the meter is secured by anchoring.
5. Install the specially fabricated harness to connect to the meter and BCM.
6. Program various modules on the vehicle to trigger the Aux Meter.

Purchased the original meters and housing from Germany direct....
Testing out the Aux Meter on a normal tray ( without the rubber mat )
Cut out the required mounting points.....using a special cutter !

Install custom connector and connect to BCM/Fuse


Job Done.....Happy Malaysian Customer
The first retrofitted Aux Cluster Meter in Malaysia

Another Beetle Fitted 

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