Sunday, 8 September 2013

Digital Video Recorder : CR300HD

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UPDATE : 28 Sept 2013

The replacement battery did not last.  I guess the 24/7 operation charging is screwing up the battery.  The dates did not change but the camera switches off immediately when I pull out the 12volt plug. It is suppose to complete the recording and save the file.  Also would not allow me to operate the camera without the 12volt plug in....there is no power.

Got me a similar voltage 3.7volt battery meant for the Ipod2 and moved the battery outside the camera. Not very nice looking but it works ! Allows me to operate the camera outside the car as it is suppose to.

3.7volts and 550mAh

Drilled a hole on the camera body and lead the power cable out

Held under the camera with velcro tape

Mounted and Action ! 

My two year old CR300HD have been serving me faithfully. Since early this year, I have noticed that the recording out of date....i.e. the date/time of actual recording is always wrong.

Realised that when the 12volt supply plug is disconnected, the camera switches off immediately.  The last recording would be lost.

I found this webpage which give a guide to the dismantling of the CR500HD camera which is a later model than mine.

Finevu CR500HD

I believe that everything should be the followed it and removed the battery.  The battery was the same as in the CR500HD.  Put it back together and tried to source for a battery locally.  It was impossible.  Nobody has it here in Singapore.

Turned to a buddy in China and it was acquired the next day.  They have everything in CHINA !

The battery is the same specification but short of a WHITE wire.  No other choice since it is already here. Got it installed and everything works fine !

Opening up the CR300HD was relatively easy for me but I don't suggest it is for everybody

Original on the Left.....Replacement on the Right 

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