Saturday, 28 September 2013

Analogue Clock on 3C Passat

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9 October 2013 : Fitting the original dashboard trims....job completed 

28 Sept 2013 : Retrofitting B7 Analogue Clock on 3C Passat B6

Being from the Old School upbringing, I am very familiar with the clock face and hands.....i.e. the old fashion analogue clock

When the B7 Passat first came out with the central mounted analogue clock, I am determined to make it mine ! 

After upgrading to the new 7N0 gateway, 3AA Central Convenience Module, it is now possible for me to have the clock.  It is mounted as part of the Central Electric II and Gateway.  Coding is necessary....connection is simple. 

But because, the various component have to be reposition, the changes on the various trims is necessary. Now waiting for the new dashboard trims from Germany.....both the passenger trim and cluster trims needed to be replaced.  A whopping Euro250 for the two trims ! 

The tray is removed and the hazard switch together. The Analogue Clock and a new mounting bracket. 

The hazard switch is moved from the original position to be part of the radio trim panel. New trim, new switch, new connector are required. 

The Front Passenger Airbag Reminder Light have been deleted 
        ( hidden behind since I will NEVER use it ever....)      
A new trim B7 Aircon Panel trim without the Reminder is used. 

De Clock ! 

The unwanted trims from the old design Passat B6

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