Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Media Device Interface MDI : Making it Better on the Golf

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The famous VW MDI ( Media Device Interface ) can be ordered with the vehicle as new or retrofitted locally. It is designed for the Ipod primarily but can also plug in the USB thumb drive or HDD .

My Mark V Golf GTI came factory fitted original in the central console but it takes up alot of precious stowage space.

VW subsequently released a Glove Box version.... 

The simplicity of the IPOD cable hanging out of the glove box is nice but changing the cable to the USB connector is difficult.  I made it better....using a special extension cable.

The glove box light assembly have been deleted to make place for the adapter.  In it's place, the adapter is fitted with some mod.  The opening dimension is just about right !   For lighting, we use a pair of LED panel lights with hidden wiring behind the glove box.

PS : Removing the Glove Box on the Mark 5 Golf is a pain but the Golf 6 is a nightmare ! LOL ! 

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