Monday, 9 September 2013

Passat Easy Boot Open Retrofitted on B6 Passat

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9 September 2013 : Easy Open Retrofit

The latest B7 Passat with Easy Open trunk option have been retrofitted on the Passat B6.  Because of the older platform on the B6, several component need to be replaced and introduced.  These includes :

1. Instrument cluster
2. Gateway 7N0 series with AA
3. Convenience Module ( this is critical as the Easy Option controlling unit )
4. Harness
5. Dual parallel sensors
6. Sensing Module

After retrofitting, the MFD would display an option to select the Easy Open for the trunk.  When selected, the driver with the appropriate KESSY key would be able to trigger the opening of the trunk simply by swiping his foot under the rear bumper.  Certain condition must be met.

The Hardware....sensor module, Convenience Module, Sensors, harness....

Fitting the sensor kit onto the B6 Bumper

Sensing Kit fitted 

The EASY OPEN option on MFD

With the new Convenience Module, the once missing Convenience Menu now appears ! 

Many option is available on the new Convenience Menu ! Super Cool ! 

The New Convenience Module for the Passat only !

With the new convenience module, the colour cluster is more enhanced. Many features that I have never seen appears ! Worth the pain and suffering I went thru......

Watch these video on the new Convenience Menu and the Easy Open Option

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