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Lane Change/Depart Assist & Lane/Side Assist

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Land Change Assist : New project ? : Study Phase 

VW Instruction Manual 

Hold your line during travel long distances because of the monotonous road conditions focus driver often declines. No wonder that many victims of accidents is due out at speeds beyond the roadway. Traffic lane assistant «Lane Assist» avoids such accidents: corrective intervention in the steering, this system can help the driver keep the car on the strip.

Principle of operation

If the system «Lane Assist» is activated on the MFD Convenience selection, it automatically turns on when the speed of 65 km / h Using the camera module in the area of the inside rearview mirror tracked lane markers and assess the status of the car. 

If this car deviates from its lane, Assistant warns the driver a visual signal and vibration of the steering wheel. In addition, depending on the model system «Lane Assist» taxis smoothly and gently in the opposite direction. 

If the maximum torque resistance to rotation is not enough to stay on the strip, or if the speed drops below 60 km / h, the system «Lane Assist» also warns the driver steering wheel vibration. Now the driver has to intervene himself.

In practice, if the system «Lane Assist» is activated, the amber indicator light in the form of road. Once the camera detects the appropriate road markings, the indicator turns green. The system is now fully active. If the vehicle is then departs from the ideal line, «Lane Assist» softly and smoothly taxis in the opposite direction - and that's before the car left its lane. If the driver is completely removes hands from the steering wheel, the system will signal acoustically and text message, requiring the driver to take control of the situation themselves. If the driver does not take the wheel for eight seconds, this feature is automatically disabled. If necessary, the driver can deactivate the system «Lane Assist» easy turn of the steering wheel in the opposite direction. In addition, assistant traffic on the strip does not work if the scribe line before moving the driver turned on the turn signal. System operation «Lane Assist» possible in combination with "manageable" electromechanical power steering, available, for example, on the Passat CC as standard.

Lane Assist Camera Mounted onto of Rain Sensor 

Cover Panel is placed over the camera

These are two different system. There are some confusion to the description or name of the system, i.e. Lane Change/Departure Assist and Lane Assist. 

According to VW service literature, these are the correct terms. 

1. Lane Departure/Change Assist 
Lane marking lines are recognised by a camera in the interior mirror. If the vehicle approaches an recognised lane marking line, the driver is informed that he is unintentionally leaving the lane. This is done with a corrective steering intervention by the system that helps to stay in lane.
The system is configured for driving on motorways and similar roads therefore it only works at speeds above 65 km/h. When the lane departure warning recognises lane marking lines on both sides of the current lane, the system is ready for use. This is indicated by the green warning lamp in the dash panel insert. If, when the system is ready, you switch the turn signal before crossing a lane marking line, the warning is suppressed as the system presumes that the lane change is intentional.

2. Lane Assist ( Audi's term : Side Assist ) 
With the aid of radar sensors in the rear bumper cover, lane change assist (Side Assist) supports the driver in monitoring the blind spot and the traffic situation at the rear of the vehicle. Indicators are integrated on the inside of the exterior mirror housings that inform the driver in two stages about whether lane change assist (Side Assist) has detected a vehicle on the respective side and whether it considers this detection to be critical for a lane change. In the “information stage” the indicators in the exterior mirrors inform the driver about whether lane change assist (Side Assist) has detected a vehicle on the respective side and whether it considers this detection to be critical for a lane change. If the turn signal is set during the information stage, lane change assist changes over to “warning stage” and the respective indicator in the exterior mirror flashes brightly several times.
Operation of lane change assist (Side Assist) is by way of the button for assistance systems in the turn signal lever and the display in the dash panel insert. In driving mode, important information is shown in the display of the dash panel insert. ( German )

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