Monday, 2 December 2013

Puddle Light : LED Bulb Replacement

Puddle Light Modification : LED Bulbs

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The filament light on the wing mirror of your VW can be replaced with the LED bulb to get the WHITE appearance.  Be aware that actually, the filament light bulb is brighter but the orangy appearance may not be everybody's liking.  The White LED bulb provides the WHITE appearance. 

1. Removing the wing mirror glass is risky.  There is possibility that it would crack.  Replacing the right miror glass is expensive especially for certain models with the auto dimming feature....i.e. Passat B7/B6, Golf Mark 5 GT/GTI ( about S$450 each ) Those mirrors without the dimming feature is cheaper and found on the Mark 6 Golf, Scirocco, Tiguan ( S$165 each ) 

2. The smally indicator glass on the wing mirror housing may break ( high probability ) . Repair procedure is to glue it back or replace the LED light assembly. 

As mentioned, the puddle light assembly is located deep inside the wing mirror assembly.  To access the bulb, the whole wing mirror must be dismantled.  

Dismantling the housing, there is a high probably that this little indicator lens may break.  Believe me ! I have many bad experience......

Here is the VW Workshop instructions on the removal.....

Removing the Mirror very careful.....this is the B7 Passat RHD mirror ( Driver side ) and it is expensive due to the Chromatic auto dimming feature....the left side mirror is much cheaper as it does not have the auto dimming feature. 

After dismantling finally reach the puddle light bulb housing......

Installation involves the reverse procedures......and finally, the WHITE light LED puddle light 

Versus the original Filament Bulb light

PS : I used to provide the service to replace the bulbs but after I cracked one mirror.....I gave up ! My customer was very upset despite being warned of the probabilities prior to the job. 

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