Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Passat B7 Mirror Upgrade

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Upgrading the outside wing mirror for the local CKD Passat B7 or the SBU units from Europe is possible. Now, the newer part numbers have several improvement. 

1. Chromatic Auto Dimming of Left Side Mirror
This is feature where the right side outside wing mirror is be dimmed ( turned dark ) when a strong head light is detected from the rear. This option have been deleted on the left side outside wing mirror . 

The later part from VW, this option seem to have been re-introduced. It may be a common part policy where the same part number can be used for both RHD or LHD countries. There is a connector cable for the Chromatic Mirror to be used. However, this function is dependent on the suitability of the door module.

PS : The Catch ! The left side special Chromatic mirror glass cost a whopping RM1,950 ! 

The suitability of the front passenger door module would be in question. 

2. Reversing Tilt Mirror 
Here is a video reference for the function explained. Requirement is that the mirrors assembly must have memory function and that the door module support this function.

Passat B7 Reverse Tilt Function


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