Saturday, 4 January 2014

Passat B7 Electric Folding Memory Mirror Retrofit

Electric Folding Mirror with Memory on Passat B7 

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Today, we fitted the latest electric folding memory wing mirror a Passat B7.  It is a relieve that the CKD version of the Passat B7 had supporting modules to enable the tilting function of the left side wing mirror during reversing operation. And of course, the folding option as well 

Pop out the trim cover of the mirror
Very carefully, pryed out the mirror glass ! Risky !
Removal of the door panel is very necessary to remove the wing seen here ! 
Mirror is secured with 3 pcs of 6mm screws from behind. So it is impossible "steal" the mirror assemble from the outside. 
Comparing Original ( top ) and Memory Mirror 
Comparing Original ( top ) and Memory Mirror 
Left side mirror with unused wire harness secured with a tie
( dimming & lane depart assist ) 
The door module connected ( small connector is not used ) 
The very expensive driver's side Wing Mirror Glass with Dimming

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