Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bluetooth Kit : Original Volkswagen

Have been using the FISCON KUFATEC Bluetooth kit on my 2009 GTI since I got her on the road ! It have been an old faithful and served me well.  There are some restriction to it's function though.

The original Volkswagen Bluetooth was introduced ins 2010 and can work on White or Colour MFD.  The Mk5 GTI cluster is Red and cannot use them.  Very unfortunate !

Since my upgraded my cluster to the Premium Colour MFD ( ) I have
opened the gate to the upgrade !

The kit fitted seamlessly on the upgraded GTI ! The response from the receiving parties indicated that the sound quality is much better and clearer ! Details can is available here

Good bye FISCON Kufatec ! Hello VW Bluetooth

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