Friday, 4 April 2014

Tire Pressure Monitoring System on Golf 5

Just completed my TPMS project for my Golf Mark 5 GTI !

Installed receiver module and cabling.  Found that when the 4 wheel sensors are not sending any data, the system would shut down.  Was puzzled why the display of the TPMS disappeared.  VCDS diagnosis states that the TPMS have "Switched Off" .....

Drove down to HURRY TIRES and got Tristan to help install the sensors.  Their workmanship and service is Excellent ! Everything done within 1 hour ! Really good service.  They even washed the wheels ! My Detroits were sparkling when it was done.

After fitting the four wheels, the display came back but with no reading.  Drove for about 5 mins.....and the pressure reading of the four wheels appeared on the screen.

Perfect TPMS High on Colour MFD Retrofitted

Mounted rear receiver unit at the left rear corner. 

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