Friday, 25 April 2014

Golf 7 GTI Dark Cherry LED Tail Lights

We retrofitted Tim's SLK Golf 7 with these Dark Cherry LED Tail Lights. The LED Signal Lights runs from the inside light panel to the outside light panel. We need to run a pair of wires from the outside light connect through the C Pillars via the roof rubber ducts and down the hatch to the inner light connectors.

A pair of special pins are required to plug into the connector to acquire a proper connection. They are spliced from the outer light signal light wire to the inner lights.

The Fog Light are on the inner right lights for RHD vehicles.  Unfortunately, the left side inner lights do not have the CREE5 LED bulb fitted even though the circuit is there including the pin on the light connector.

The new Golf 7 R lights are also stunning but kind of blackish though

Signal Light in white lens.....

Smoke Black R Lights ! Stunning ! 

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