Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Damaged Door Panel Screw Inserts on Passat CC

Found this on a Passat CC door when we were doing the Dynaudio kit.  One of the retaining screws on left front and rear doors were damaged. The brass base bolts were cross-threaded that did not allow the screw to be properly tightened .

Removing the door panel was almost impossible as the screw did not allow us to remove the panel. Eventually, the whole brass base bolt had to be dislodged from the plastic door panel in order for the door panel to be removed. 

This would happen when tightening the screws onto the panel.  The screw must be in the correct angle when securing.  Technicians who are not certain and applies too much force to get the screw in, would damage ( cross thread ) the brass inserts. 

Yes, technically, this door is screwed ! The correct way to do in Volkswagen context, is to replace the whole door panel which would cost a Bomb ! We found a cheaper local alternative.....

The damaged screw mounting on the doors found when removing the door panels.

The misaligned screw in the removed base brass bolt. 

New locally machined brass inserts were made specially for this car ! 

The insert is installed with adhesive glue to add strength

The insert is forced into the original hole. Repair is done !  

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