Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bilstein B6 Sports Suspension Upgrade

Suspension Upgrade : Bilstein B6 Sports

Tried three sets of coilover ( AtoZ , Koni and B14 Bilstein ) suspensions but have been hounded by noise, rattle or poor ride comfort.  The last set was good but ride comfort have been badly missed by the family members. The repeated attempts to achieve the perfect ride height by adjusting and readjusting the coilovers height adjusting locking nuts, have been a pain. 

The first set of coilovers had a frontal rebound adjustment via a 10 step adjusting screw. Repeated adjusting and readjusting this to achieve the perfect rebound was a crazy experience though fun at first. Got very tired after several adjustment. 

The second set was from Koni. This was probably the worst set I had.  The noise was unbearable.  Going over humps or pot holes or uneven roads, the noise drove me crazy.  Finally gave up on them. 

Had since replaced my Golf GTI Mk5 suspension some 2 years ago with stock SACHS suspension.  The ride have been comfortable but tends to be bouncy. Round corners/humps the car tends to be bouncy despite the KW Anti Roll Bars installed since new.

Wanted a good rebound rate suspension that offers comfort, good handling, firm but not uncomfortable ride, retain normal ride height.  Narrowed my search down to Bilstein B6 Sports.

Had wanted to get the B6 Sport set for the Mark 5 GTI but several write up from user pointed that the ride would be very comfortable especially when 18" wheels are used. 



So.....I went for the Bilstein B6 Sports Kit for the Mark 6 !  

I am happy with the results ! Ride is firm but not uncomfortable. Handling is improved without too much body roll.  Rebound rate over humps and corners is PERFECT ! Loving it ! Great combination.  

Lionel from Godspeed arranged them for me ! Good Job !

Front mounted

Rear mounted

The wheel gap is SUV spec ! 

The rear gap is also anti-flood spec ! LOL ! 

My GTI MkV on B6 (mkVI) Bilstein Sports - Stock Springs

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